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Svbony Fully Metal 210mm Dovetail Mounting Plate for Astronomical Telescopes

SKU: F9143C
US$ 20.99

Svbony dovetail mounting plate can be used to mount your telescopes or spotting scopes to tripod head. We provide two colors for you to choose from, the red one and the silver one.

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Model  F9143C/D
Material Precision Aluminum
Color Red/Silver
Length 210mm
Width (bottom) 42mm
Width (top) 35mm
Height 9mm
Net Weight 224g/7.91oz

1.We have two colors for you to choose from, red and silver, choose the color you just like

2.Made of extruded, anodized aluminum, after anodizing treatment, an electrically insulating coating will be formed on the surface to maintain the smoothness of the metal, and it feels very comfortable

3.1/4 inch standard screw thread can fit for almost all telescopes

4.The length of the dovetail mounting plate is 210mm, you can choose to use it according to your telescope size

5. This dovetail plate can be compatible with  F9144C dovetail clamp, which sold separately

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