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SV131 Plossl Eyepiece 32mm 1.25 inch for Telescope

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  • The SVBONY 1.25-inch Plossl eyepiece is suitable for observing nebulae; star clusters;comets and other low-light; dim celestial bodies; The field of view is transparent and bright; and the observation is comfortable
  • With the true FMC full broadband multilayer coating; it ensures that each glass surface has multiple layers of coating to for a better image quality and the edge of the lens is matt blackened to prevent stray light interference for bright; clear views
  • M28.5*0.6 standard thread size; supports standard 1.25-inch filter adapter mounting; has wide applicability; Standard Plossl eyepiece structure: 2 sets of 4-piece optical structure to ensure the observation effect
  • The exit distance of 19mm which is convenient for customers to observe for a long time and is not easy to fatigue; The inner wall of the foot cover has two processes of matting thread; The outer wall is chrome-plated; make the appearance is bright and smooth
  • All-metal mirror structure;fine texture; fine workmanship; and humanized environmental protection rubber anti-slip ring design will prevent accidental depression
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 SV131 Eyepiece 1.25 inch.jpg

Svbony SV131 Eyepieces 1.25 inch.jpg

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I bought a pair of these eyepieces to use with my 100mm objective binoculars. I was skeptical that they would focus properly, but that was not a problem! The 32mm focal length of the eyepieces and the 525mm objective focal length provided a 16X power and a terrific apparent wide field of view due to the plossl design of the eyepieces. The only chromatic aberrations are those of the objective lenses. The eyepieces that came with the binoculars provide 20X and 40X magnification which yield a 5mm and 2.5mm exit aperture (respectively). These new plossl eyepieces give me a very comfortable 6.6mm exit aperture with sufficient eye relief to permit using my eyeglasses.

it's in my scope all the time.

I start out with this eyepiece on a lot of my scopes. for the cost it's got a good field of view and the stars are good most of it.

Better than expected

I use this for my wide field views. It is a quality eyepiece all round, and along with my 15mm 68 degree, my most-used eyepiece. I believe the AFoV is between 50 and 54 degrees, I could be wrong, but it doesn't look like a 46 degree eyepiece to me. The field stop diameter agrees. Being a Plossl, it is also quite light. A really great eyepiece I can't imagine not having.
Model Svbony SV131
Eyepiece Type Plossl Eyepiece
Focal length 32mm
Field of View 48 Degree
Exit Pupil 23mm
Eye Relief 19mm
Field Stop Diameter 25mm
Lens group 2 Group / 4PCS
Lens coating FMC
Side of the lenscoate Matt Blackened
Meterial Metal & Optic Glass
Thread size M28.5*0.6 for 1.25 inch filters
Eyecup type Rubber
Non-slip Cover Yes
Net Weight 116.5 g/4.11oz
Dimension Ø61X104mm

1. Fixed folding rubber eyecup allows easy use with or without eyewear

2. Svbony eyepiece body is made of aluminum. A two-step anodizing process results in a beautiful matte finish that resists reflections and glare

3. Sturdy anodized aluminum barrels are threaded for any Svbony 1.25" filters.

4. The edges of the optics are blackened for increased contrast, and prevent internal reflections

5. Anti-reflection fully multi-coated optics ensure bright and clear high-images at any magnification, with true color rendition

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