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SVBONY SV211 135mm Handle Bar Guide Scope/ Finder Dovetail Mount for Telescope

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1.sv211 is a comfortable and convenient carrying handle, easy to carry, you can take it off and install it on a tripod at any time.

2. There is also a neat integrated saddle designed to accept SV198 or other brands of boot range and viewfinder range

3.Full CNC integrated finishing anodized aluminum, hard metal texture, firmly fit on your telescope.

4.Compatible products OTA: SV503 (70F6 80F7) SV550 (80F6), make it more convenient for you to use

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Useful, but not for the 70ED

I was excited to try this in my sv503 70mm ED but quickly discovered that mounting it produces other issues. In order to mount it, one would need to permanently keep the dew shield fully extended and modify the dovetail mount. Keeping a good balance with my DSLR connected means that the current stock dovetail would be shifted too far forward and would throw it off balance. I would need to upgrade the dovetail to a much longer one to make it work.
  1. The sv211 make a comfortable and convenient carry handle but also has a neat integrated saddle designed to accept SV198 or other brands guide scope and finder scope
  2. Full CNC integrated finishing anodized aluminum
  3. Fit for OTA: SV503 (70F6 80F7) SV550 (80F6)
  4. Brand: SVBONY
  5. Model: SV211
  6. Color: Red
  7. Material:6061T Aluminums
  8. Length: 135mm
  9. Width: 42mm
  10. High: 39mm
  11. Net Weight: 136g / 4.8oz

Package Includes:

  • 1PCS Handle Bar
  • 2PCS M6 mount screws
  • 4PCS M4 Set Screws
  • 1PCS M5 Wrench

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