SV220 Dual-Band 7nm Nebula Filter

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  • Dual Narrow bandwidth H-Alpha/O-III 7nm narrowband filter properly designed for astrophotography both in light polluted
  • Take color images without needing to combine images with multiple filters
  • Useful for imaging emission nebulae, planetary nebulae and supernova remnants
  • Designed to sharply cut off the inference of artificial light from sodium vapor or mercury vapor street lights and other unwanted disturbance like sky glow
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Brand​ SVBONY​
Model​ SV220
Name​ Duo-Band OSC Filter​
Size​ 2-Inch​
Substrate Thickness​ 1.80mm​
Clear Aperture​ 44mm​
Wavelength Range​ 300-1100nm​
FWHM​ OIII (7nm) & HA (7nm) ​
Blocking​ OD5​
Peak transmittance​ 500.7nm@T>90%; 656.3nm@T>94%​
Surface Quality​ ​60/40 ​
Surface parallelism​ 1/4λ​
Thread​ M48x0.75​
Single Thread​ Yes​
Net Weight​ 12.5g / 0.44oz /0.027lb​

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