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1.25inch SHO Filter Set H-Alpha OIII SII 7nm

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The SHO filter is highly transparent, allowing the emission spectrum of the nebula to collect as much energy as possible by accumulating exposure.

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1.25" SHO Filter Set H-Alpha OIII SII 7nm

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Spec SII 7nm OIII 7nm H-Alpha 7nm
Size 1.25-Inch 1.25-Inch 1.25-Inch
Transmission Line Wavelength 672nm 500nm 656nm
T peak 80% 80% 80%
Substrate B270 B270 B270
Wavelength Range 300-1000nm 300-1000nm 300-1000nm
Blocking OD3 @300-1000nm OD3 @300-1000nm OD3 @300-1000nm
Clear Aperture 26mm 26mm 26mm
Surface Quality 60/40 60/40 60/40
Surface parallelism 1/4λ 1/4λ 1/4λ
Parallelism 30" 30" 30"
Net Weight 5.5g / 0.19oz 5.5g / 0.19oz 5.5g / 0.19oz
Glass Thickness 1.85mm 1.85mm 1.85mm


1. Optical high precision double sided polishing to ensure that the parallelism is higher than 30 inch and high flatness 1/4λ; to ensure that does not affect the image quality
2. Precision double sided optical coating; non two piece glue; effectively improve the transmittance and cut off depth
3. 300-1000nm wavelength range; Oxygen III 7nm extra narrowband filter transmits a 7nm bandwidth of light that is centered at 500nm
4. Standard 1.25 inch interface; thin metal cells have a clear aperture of 26mm for 1.25 inch filters
5. 300-1000nm wavelength range; the Sulfur II 7nm extra narrowband filter transmits a 7nm bandwidth of light that is centered at 672nm

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