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SV163 1.25/2inch T to C Mount Tube Adapter

SKU: W9123
US$ 10.99

The Svbony Type C Mount Tube Adapter is available in three sizes and can be mounted on any standard 1.25 ", 2", M42 * 0.75 eyepiece.

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svbony-1.25 to C adapter.jpg

sv163 1.25 to C mount adapter.jpg

svbony-sv163-2in to C mount adapter.jpg

svbony-sv163-M48 to C adapter.jpg

sv163-M42 to C adapter.jpg

svbony-T to C mount adapter.jpg

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Model  W9123A W9123B W9123D
Size  1.25'' to C 2'' to C M42*0.75 to C
Female thread M28.5*0.6(1.25'') M48*0.75(2'') M42*0.75
Male thread UNC 1-32 UNC 1-32 UNC 1-32
Color Black Black Black
Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Net weight 25g 40g 18g

1. We provide you with three different sizes to choose from according to your needs, each product contains only one  

2. C-mount standard for all "C" photography movie cameras (1 inch diameter with 32 threads per inch)

3. Specially designed for telescope prime focus astrophotography

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