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SVBONY Dust Caps 5 Cover 5 Caps for 1.25inch Astronomy Telescope Eyepiece Barlow lens or Other Accessories Wholesale

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US$ 5.99

 Eyepiece Dust Caps 5 Cover + 5 Caps for 1.25" Astronomy Telescope Eyepiece Barlow Lens or Other Accessories Protect the eyepieces from damage

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1.Fit 1.25 inch standand eyepieces, barlow lens and other accessories.
2.A set of 5 brand new plastic dust caps and 5 dust plugs
3.Made from durable plastics for long lasting usage.
4.Healthy and environmentally friendly PP material.
5.The picture is to give you an idea how these dust caps fit on a 1.25" eyepiece and barlow lens. Eyepiece and barlow lens are not included in the sale.

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