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Svbony Narrowband Filters 1.25/2inch/EOS-C H-Alpha 7nm for CCD Cameras

SKU: F9169
US$ 129.99
  • Optical high precision double sided polishing to ensure that the parallelism is higher than 30 inch and high flatness 1/4λ; to ensure that does not affect the image quality
  • Precision double sided optical coating;non two piece glue;effectively improve the transmittance and cut off depth
  • Ion source assisted coating technology (IAD), to improve the density of the film to ensure that the filter wavelength to minimize the impact of temperature caused by the temperature drift
  • High uniformity planetary wheel coating fixture to improve the uniformity of the filter wavelength
  • Optical equipment professional fine sandblasting and anode treatment;the box to do extinction treatment to prevent reflection
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SVBONY H-Alpha 7nm Narrowband Filter 1.25 inch for CCD Cameras

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good value for the money

Delivery was reasonably quick, 9 days after placing the order. Due to cloudy weather I have not had the chance to test the filter with the telescope. Instead, I tested it in my lab and found that the technical specs are a bit exagerated, I obtained 74% transmittance vs the 92% advertised. Also the bandwidth obtained (8.2 nm) is wider that the 7 nm promised. I find these figures reasonable, considering the amount paid, and should provide satisfactory observation.


Model F9169A F9169B F9169D
Size 1.25'' 2'' EOS-C
thickness​ 1.85mm​ 1.85mm​ 1.85mm​
Type H-Alpha
Transmittance 656nm
  1. Features

  2. The SVBONY CLS EOS -C Filter is suitable the Camera Type: 60D/60DA, 7D Mark II, 80D/800D, 77D/70D/760D/750D/700D 650D/600D, 550D/500D, 400D, 100D/1100D/1200D/1300D. Notes, this Filter is not for EF-S camera Lens

2. The narrow-band filter, even in areas where light pollution is heavy, and the full moon (the moon's largest and brightest) is the same, very narrow bandwidth, which reduces the interference of the external environment, but the haze and cloudy The weather is not possible

3. We provide you with three different sizes to choose from, please choose the one suitable for your focuser

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