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SV139 1.25'' ND Filter For Moon Viewing

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SVBONY SV139 Neutral Density(ND) filter is suitable for 1.25-inch eyepiece. The filter can reduce the overall brightness of the moon's surface.  so you can see more details and surface features of the moon with your telescope.

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Model W9108A W9108B W9108C W9108D
Size ND0.6 ND0.9 ND01.2 ND3
Type  Neutral Density Filter
Material Aluminum Frame, Metal Thread and Optical Glass
Barrel diameter 1.25'' 1.25'' 1.25'' 1.25''
Optical density value 0.6 0.9 1.2 3.0
Transmission  25% 12.5% 6.25% 0.1%
Thread Standard M28.5*0.6 Standard M28.5*0.6 Standard M28.5*0.6 Standard M28.5*0.6
Suitable moon phase Waxing crescent moon first quarter moon last quarter moon Waning gibbous moonWaxing gibbous moon Full moon

1. The 1.25'' Neutral Density Moon filter reduces glare, so you can see more lunar details and surface features with your telescope. The metal filter cell threads directly into the 1.25'' barrel of your telescope eyepiece

2. Perfectly neutral color will not alter the natural color of the moon

3. ND0.6 transmits 25% of the incoming light, ND0.9 transmits 12.5% of the incoming light,ND1.2 transmits 6.25% of the incoming light, ND3 transmits only 0.1% of the incoming light

4. We have four different sizes for you to choose from. Different sizes suitable for different moon phases. ND0.6 filter suitable for waxing crescent moon; ND0.9 filter suitable for first quarter moon and last quarter moon; ND0.9 filter suitable for Waning gibbous moon and waxing gibbous moon; ND3 filter suitable for full moon observation

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