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0512-W9125A-2-(2)_01.jpgSV165 Guider Scope0512-W9125A-2-(2)_03.jpg0512-W9125A-2-(2)_04.gif0512-W9125A-2-(2)_05.jpg0512-W9125A-2-(2)_07.jpg0512-W9125A-2-(2)_09.jpgSV165 guider scope sizeSV165 Box

Model  Svbony SV165
Aperture  30mm
Focal length 120mm
Focal Ratio F4
Hoop and Mount Yes
Back Focus Length 60mm
Mount UNC 1/4-20
Material Aluminum
Surface technology Sandblasting oxidation
Well Packaged Yes

Q: Can I use the SV165 Mini Guider Scope with normal eyepiece?

A: Yes, SV165 Mini Guider Scope works well with normal eyepiece. remember don't use the Wide Angle eyepiece, not that clear. 

Q: Can SV165 Mini Guider Scope work with SV305 camera?

A: Yes, it works well with SV305 camera. 

Q: Can I add SV165 Mini Guider Scope on the SV503 80ED Telescope?

A: Yes, you can. 

Solution 1: Use a 1/4" male to male screw connecting the SV165 Mini Guider Scope to SV503 telescope Ring/Hoop. 

Solution 2: Remove the 2 screws on SV503 telescope focuser, and add the SV165 Mini Guider Scope on the focuser. 

SV165 work with SV503 Telescope

SV165 Mini Guider Scope 30mm/120mm F4

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