SVBONY SV501P Telescope 70/400 Portable Refractor for Adults Astronomy

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Portable refractor telescope multi-coated optics with a portable backpack.

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Great Product for Great Price, Quality

Being a beginner I want to get something that I can try and see if would like. I really liked the product, its crisp, sharp. The customer service, delivery was really good, easy, supportive. I would like to recommend this to anyone who want to view moon, or just some things far in the distance it's very sharp, easy to use. I would love to get their top ranges someday which can be use to look even further away in to the deep sky. This one is specifically good for moon I liked what I saw from my eyes sharp, clear, crisp, did use it see star it's sharp but it's obvious that we need bigger and stronger telescope for that. This particular product stands out to what it offers. We do need nice lens to make things even better, recommend getting moon filter as well without filter it very bright, with filter it improves and help to see more details.

This refractor is a winner!

I wanted to give away a telescope to the kids for Christmas and didn't want to spend a fortune (only about US$ 100) because the young and wild ones are not known for their patience and appreciation. It should be a short focal length refractor because I would like to make widefield observations and it should be easy to target an object. The telescope should also be used on excursions into nature. So ideally be light and space-saving. I thought I would try the Svbony SV501P 70/400. I was right to go with Svbony. It comes with a nice backpack in which the telescope, tripod, a 45° prism, a 20 mm Kellner eyepiece and the 5x24 finder scope can be stored. In total, the complete set weighs only 1,7 kg! The 45 cm high tripod can be extended to 125 cm. The kids can look well into the eyepiece. The tripod holds the telescope and can still be easily moved in almost all directions. With a little practice it is easy to use. Only when trying to see objects near the zenith, it gets a bit tricky. But even with my Az3 mount it's not that easy. What surprised me in this price range was the coating! Intense green! I know that from more expensive telescopes. In direct comparison with the SV503 102/714, the small SV501P looks pretty short. But that's why I chose the telescope. That's exactly how space-saving and compact it should be. I have to say that I am very surprised with the image quality. You can see chromatic aberrations, yes, but not nearly as prevalent as I expected.
Model F9348A F9348C
Optical Design Refractor Refractor
Aperture 70 mm / 2.75" 70 mm / 2.75"
Focal Length 400 mm 400 mm
Focal Ratio F5.7 F5.7
Optical Coatings Multi-Coated Multi-Coated
Objective lens 2E/2G 2E/2G
Finder Scope 5x24 Optical 5x24 Optical
Eyepieces K 20 mm 1.25" (20x) K 20 mm 1.25" (20x)
Diagonal Correct-Image Prism  45° 1.25" Correct-Image Prism  45° 1.25"
Tripod SV101 Aluminum Alloy Tripod NO
Portable Backpack YES YES
Weight 2950g 2170g

1.Svbony 2.75" (70mm) Refracting Telescope delivers bright and detailed images that are perfect for viewing both land and celestial objects. Multi-coated glass optical elements for clear, crisp images.

2.Comes with K20mm eyepieces that provide medium powered. Includes a 5x24mm optics viewfinder to help locate objects you want to observe.

3.This 1.25” Prism -45° diagonal produces right side up and left-to-right correct images w/ a brass compression for daytime terrestrial viewing with your telescope.

4.The 1.25" Focusing Eyepiece adapter and machined of high-quality aluminum and anodized black. Comes with two locking screws a brass compression insh prevent the marring of your telescope accessories.

5.The telescope kit comes with a backpack, you can take the telescope outside easily with it.

6.Free-tool Quick and easy no-tool setup.

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