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SV503 102 ED Telescope Bundle Set For Visual Observation

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This SV503 102ED Telescope Bundle Set includes sv503 102ed refractor OTA, sv193 focal reducer, sv188p diagonal and a 2inch UV/IR cut filter.

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SV503 102ED Telescope Bundle Set For Visual Observation

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Reviewing the SvBony 102 ED Doublet Refractor

Just a quick review for anyone wondering about this scope. First impressions are excellent build quality. Critical items like the focuser and dew sheild are near perfect. The Focuser has just the right weight and zero play. I can bring my DSLR to focus with the draw tube at 65 mm - the focuser is easily strong enough to hold it in position. Colour correction? First look at The Moon and Jupiter - there was no CA. But when I video through the scope with camera phone then yes you can see CA - the camera of course can see into the Ultra-Violet Spectrum unlike the human eye. I bought this scope for visual, so I'm super impressed with an ED Doublet (I also wanted the Doublet for its lightness) that shows no CA visually at the same price as an achromat. I've looked at The Moon, Saturn and Jupiter at high power - 223x (8-24mm zoom with 2.5x Barlow) and views are outstanding. I can't help pass a glance over the 122 mm - LOL - but now for now the 102 ED is ruling the scope shed.

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