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SVBONY SV550 122mm F7 Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope Set For Deep Sky Astrophotography

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This SV550 122 APO telescope kits comes with a SV211 203mm handle and SV228 156mm bahtinov mask. Designed in sturdy CNC metal to protect your telescope, this portable handle is durable, adaptable, stable, easy to install and use, and fits both the SV503 102mm and SV550 122mm OTA.The SV228 Bahtinov Mask 156mm is made of optical-grade acrylic plastic and is lightweight and soft to protect your telescope. Slim and lightweight design; Aluminum is 2 mm thick; Fast focusing; Bahtinov visor allows for quick and easy optimal focusing of your telescope. Get this great travel telescope suits for your astrophotography and observation asap.  

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SV550 122 F7 APO Triplet Refractor Telescope Set For Deep Sky Astrophotography

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Brand​ SVBONY​
Model SV550
Aperture 122mm
Focal Length 854mm
Focal Ratio f/7
ED Glass​ FPL51​
Telescope Type Refractor
Resolution 1.15 arc seconds
Coatings  Fully Multi-coated​
Tube Material Aluminum
Focuser 2.5" rack-and-pinion, dual speed (1/10)
Tube​ Travel 87mm
Visual Limiting Magnitude 12.3
Lens Design  Apochromatic​
Dovetail Plate Length 300mm
Highest Useful Magnification  244x
Additional Thread M63x1 female thread for adaptions​​
Dew Shield Type Retractable
Net Weight​ 6440g/14.18lb
Gross Weight​ 10000g

Model SV211 Model SV228
Color Red Color Red
Material 6061T Aluminums Frame Cover Material Aluminums
Length 203mm Bahtinov Material Acrylic Plastic
Width 42mm Inside Diameter 156mm
High 39mm Outside Diameter 162mm
Net Weight 161.5g/5.7oz Outside Diameter of Bahtinov Material 140mm
Fit For OTA SV503 102mm f/7、SV550 122mm f/7 Thickness of Cover 2mm
Distance Between Two M6 Screws 187mm Net Weight 144g
Fit For OTA SV550 122mm f/7


1. The SV550 APO Triplet refractor with 122mm aperture and f/7 focal ratio, a great travel telescope for observation and astrophotography 
2. Fully multi-coated triplet apochromatic optics using an ED center element
3. 2.5" dual-speed rack-and-pinion focuser 10:1 ratio fine focusing with M63x1 female thread for adaptions
4. Retractable lens shade/dew shield-the APO even fits into the hand luggage
5. CNC multi-function Dual hinged split tube rings with a 300mm versatile V-style dovetail, support mounting of various accessories
6. Finder shoe on the focuser is included
7. Multipurpose shock-absorbing telescope protective bagrunning AstroDMx Capture

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