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SV550 OTA Astronomy Gear for CCD Astrophotography

SKU: F9381A-W2811
US$ 1,166.00

this sv550 set connected  for CCD astrophotography,give you more playing methods,let's try it now,any questions,contact us freely!

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svbony astronomy camera CCD cameras connected with SV550 can achieve different effects.1. Have sensitive capture ability2. Get clear images3. Planets and nebulae can be captured according to different choices

sv550 ccd astrophotography

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Model  SV503-F9359A​ SV503-F9359B SV503-F9359D
Type Refractor Refractor​ Refractor​​
ED Glass S-FPL51 S-FPL51​ S-FPL51​​
Coating SMC Ultra-wideband coating(SMC) SMC
Aperture 70mm / 2.75-Inch 80mm 102mm / 4.01-Inch
Focal length 420mm 560 mm 714mm
Focal Ratio f/6 F7 f/7
Type of Focuser RAP (Rack and Pinion) 2 inch Dual speed focuser RAP (Rack and Pinion)
Gear Reduction 1:10 Fine movement 1:10 1:10 Fine movement
spec​ F9198A F9198B F9198C F9198D F9198F F9198H F9198J F9198K
Model SV305 SV305 Pro SV305 Pro AR SV305M Pro SV405CC SV505C SV705C SV605CC
Sensor 1/2.8" CMOS SONY IMX290 1/2.8" CMOS Color SONY IMX290 1/2.8" CMOS Color SONY IMX290 1/2.8” COMS monochrome Sensor SONY IMX290 4/3'' SONY IMX294 CMOS​19.2mm*​13mm SONY IMX464 CMOS​ IMX585 Color IMX533 CMOS
Pixel Size 2.9X2.9μm 2.9µmx2.9µm 2.9µmx2.9µm 2.9um X 2.9um 4.63*4.63μm​ 2.9μm* 2.9μm​ 2.9um X 2.9um 3.76um x 3.76um
Resolution 2 Mega Pixels 1920X1080 2MPixels(1920*1080@120FPS)360*240@260fps 2MPixels(1920*1080@120FPS)360*240@260fps 2M Pixels (1944*1096) 11.7 megapixel​s 4144*2822 2712×1538 ​ 3856×2180 3008*3008
Shutter Electronic Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter Rolling shutter Rolling Shutter
ADC 12 bit 10 bit/12 bit Out 8 bit/12 bit 10 bit/12 bit Out 8 bit/12 bit 12bit 14 bit 12bit ​ 12 bit 14bit
ROI support Any area ROI Any resolution  Support YES YES Support
Supported OS Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi & Mac OS  Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi & Mac OS Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi & Mac OS Windows8.1& win 10 & Linux &Raspberry Pi & Mac OS Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi & Mac OS  Windows , Linux OS Raspberry Pi,Mac os, Chrome os​ Windows , Linux OS Raspberry Pi,Mac os, Chrome os Windows,Linux,Mac OS,Raspberry Pi,Chrome OS
Power Consumption 200mA@5V 230mA@5V 230mA@5V 200mA 5V
Working Temperature -0°C~45°C -10°C~50°C -10°C~50°C -10℃ to +50℃ -10℃-50℃​ -10℃ to +50℃
Storage Temperature -10°C~60°C -20°C~60°C -20°C~60°C -20℃ to +60℃ -20℃-60℃​​ -20℃ to +60℃
Working Relative Humidity 20%~80% 30%-80% 30%-80% 30%-80% 20%-80% 30%-80%
Storage Relative Humidity 20%~95% 20%-90% 20%-90% 20%-90% 20%-95%​ 20%-90%
USB Type USB3.0 USB3.0 USB 3.0 USB3.0 ​ USB3.0 Type-B USB 3.0
Exposure Time 1ms~30min 1ms~30min 0.03ms-2000s 0.05ms-2000s 64us-2000s ​ 0.05ms-2000s
Gain Automatic/Manual Automatic/Manual 1~30 0-500 ​
Maximum Frame Rate 120FPS(1920*1080)  120FPS(1920*1080)  130FPS (1920*1080) / 500FPS(320X240) 19 FPS 93FPS​ 45FPS 20FPS
BIN 1×1,2×2 BIN1,BIN2,BIN3,BIN4​ 1X1     2X2 ​ 1X1 2X2 BIN1,BIN2,BIN3,BIN4
Model SV550
Aperture 80mm
Focal Length 480mm
Focal Ratio f/6
ED Glass​ FPL51​
Telescope Type Refractor
Resolution 1.45 arc seconds
Coatings  SMC
Limiting stellar magnitude 11.6
Lens design  Apochromatic​
dovetail plate length 150-175mm
barrel weight 2900g
mirror Brief Size  377.8mm
Net weight​ 3750g
Gross weight​ 3850g
Package size​ 440x220x210mm​
Model W2811C
Size  2" to 1.25"
Material Metal
Color Black

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