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SV505C Color Planetary Camera for Astronomy IR Sensitive Camera IMX464

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At full resolution, the camera frame rate of SV505C can reach 93fps, and more frames can be captured at the same time. Especially in the case of bad weather, the shooting can be completed quickly by using the shooting gap time;

SV505C has a QE of about 80%. It has extremely high sensitivity in the near-infrared region and extremely high signal-to-noise ratio in the dark environment. It is very suitable for photographing the surface details of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and other solar system planets and the moon. The camera has extraordinary sensitivity in the infrared band;

The SV505C has a 1 / 1.8 "frame, and the chip area is 7.9mm * 4.5mm, which means that the photosensitive area is almost twice that of the sv305 pro. With the same telescope, a larger area can be photographed.

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Exposure time

Would you like to know the exposure time of this camera model? Taking advantage of this message I also want to know the exposure time of the SV305 camera model, I don't mean the SV305 PRO because in the ad they have the exposure time informed.
Sensor SONY IMX464 CMOS​
Total pixels​ 4.2 million pixels​
Diagonal​ 9mm ​
Maximum resolution​ 2712×1538 ​
Pixel size​ 2.9μm* 2.9μm​
Image area​ 7.9mm×4.5mm​
Maximum frame rate​ 93FPS​
Time of exposure​ 64us-2000s ​
Read noise​ 2.9e~0.7e ​
QE peak​ 80% ​
Full well charge​ 12ke ​
ADC ​ 12bit ​
Gain​ 0-500 ​
Bin ​ 1X1     2X2 ​
Digital noise reduction​ HCG mode noise reduction​
Compatible system​ Windows , Linux OS Raspberry Pi,Mac os, Chrome os​
Cache​ DDR3 128M ​
Guide satellite interface​ ST4 ​
USB interface​ USB3.0 ​
Camera interface​ 1.25″/2″/ M42X0.75 ​
Back intercept​ 6.5mm/12.5mm ​
Protective window glass​ AR antireflection film​​

Svbony SV505C works with Windows , Linux OS Raspberry Pi,Mac os, Chrome os​. 

>Windows system with Sharpcap software 3.2.6433 and latest version


>Linux system with AstroDMx capture for Linux & Raspberry Pi, Version 0.78.3 and Latest Version


>PHD2 Software for Guiding, Version v2.6.9dev1 and Latest Version


Package list:

Sv505c color Planetary Camera x1

USB3.0 data line x1

ST4 guide star line x1

M42-cs adapter ring x1

CS-C adapter ring x1

T2 adapter ring x1

1.25 inch t barrel x1

Instruction x1

2-inch dust cover x1

Mirror wiping cloth x1

Packing box x1

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