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SVBONY SV550 APO OTA Refractor Telescope 80mm Triplet

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SV550 80mm f/6 fully multicoated triplet apochromatic optics using an ED center element;

A dual-speed 2.5" rack-and-pinion focuser with 10:1 ratio fine focusing,realizes reliable zero offset image focusing;

Retractable lens shade/dew shield;

Dual hinged split tube rings with a 180mm Vixen-style dovetail.

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Model SV550
Aperture 80mm
Focal Length 480mm
Focal Ratio f/6
Telescope Type Refractor
Resolution 1.45 arc seconds
Coatings  SMC
Limiting stellar magnitude 11.6
Glass material   FPL-51
dovetail plate length 150-175mm
barrel weight 2900g
mirror Brief Size  377.8mm
Net weight​ 3750g
Gross weight​ 3850g
Package size​ 440x220x210mm​

  • -Functional parameters overall part specification 5 political serial number specification parameters objective lens aperture 80mu;

-Lens face type 1 / 8 wavelength;

-The three piece APO compound achromatic objective lens structure is adopted to significantly improve the image quality of the captured image (increased by 15.8% according to the calculation of the spectrometer);

-The 2.5-inch magnesium alloy double speed toothed focusing seat is adopted to reduce the vignetting of connecting the full frame camera and reduce the load weight of the support platform;

-Multi process extreme extinction: multi-channel light bar extinction inside the focusing seat + inner wall of the lens barrel;

-Special flat field mirror synchronous listing (optional accessories sold separately);

-Obviously reduce the edge dispersion of the captured image and improve the image quality;

-Improve the efficiency and compatibility, and reduce the vignetting phenomenon of connecting the full frame camera;

(2 "to 1.25" adapter ring-W2811C can be selected if 1.25 "eyepiece is connected.)

Package Includes:

1.2-inch focal length connector for connection

2. compatible accessories

3. selector fixed platform

4. fastening ring

5. Vixen fixing plate

6. two speed focus

7. lens cover

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