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SV905C Camera 1.2MP USB2.0 Guiding Camera

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Suitable for tracking (especially for faint stars) and easy to set the equipment up.

The low read noise and 75% QE peak, and AR glass windows make the SV905C a nice guiding camera for your Astronomy trip.

With a long focal length telescope, it is also a nice planetary camera whatever for lunar, sun photography. 

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Model SV905C
Sensor SONY IMX225​
USB Type TypeC USB2.0
Pixel Size 3.75µmx3.75µm
Image Area 4.8mm×3.6mm
Total pixels 1.2M pixel
Diagonal 6mm
Maximum Resolution 1280×960
Exposure Time 64us~2000s
Gain 0-500
Maximum Frame Rate 39 FPS
Read noise 4.0 e
QE peak 80%
Shutter type Rolling Shutter
Full well charge 13ke
ADC 12 bit
ROI function Yes
Bin 1x1 2x2
Digital noise reduction HCG mode
Video format AVI mode
Communication interface DirectShow interface
Application software Windows OS: Sharpcap, Firecapture,PHD2          ASCOM platform Linux  OS: AstroDMX capture for LinuxRaspberry Pi: AstroDMX Capture Mac OS: AstroDMX​ Capture
Compatible system Windows7,Windows10,and Main StreamLinux OS,Raspberry Pi,Mac OS
Working temperature - 5℃~45℃
Storage temperature - 20℃~60℃
Working humidity 20% RH-80% RH
Storage humidity 20% RH-95% RH
Power consumption <0.5W
Back intercept 8.5mm/12.5mm
Protective glass AR Coating
weight(with parcel) 230g
Package size 162*132*70 mm

1. Compact and highly sensitive 1.2-megapixel color camera with 1/3” CMOS 1280x960 sensor perfect for auto-guiding or planetary imaging
2. Small 3.75-micron pixels, high peak QE of 75% and low read noise allows tight tracking of faint guide stars
3. USB2.0 Type-C interface and ST4 port to connect directly to the auto-guider port of a telescope mount
4. Compact form factor with a diameter of 36mm lets you slip the camera into a 1.25” focuser; the weights just 60g (2.1oz); AR-coated protective window to maximize transmission and protect the sensor; includes M28.5X0.6 female thread for astronomy filters
5. Software and drivers available from the manufacturer's website.

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