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The SV213 1.25" 3xBarlow lens is an air-spaced, fully multi-coated 3-Element, apochromatic design.

The housing is precision machined from aluminum stock and black anodized to a hard finish.

The Barlow lens has a compression ring that doesn't leave any marks on cameras or eyepieces.

US$ 56.99 US$ 59.99 -5%

Each of the four elements in SV216 is fully multi-coated enhanced coatings, resulting in bright, sharp images. the lenses are edge-blackened to eliminate internal light scatter to maximize image contrast.

Provides excellent control of chromatic and spherical aberration, and a flatter field-of-view compared to standard barlows.

Comes in a beautiful Bolt Cases box. Includes one dust plug and one end cap.

US$ 94.99 US$ 99.99 -5%

SVBONY is our proprietary brand, will provide any protection. At this price is very reasonable, you use is very comfortable and at ease. If you need more power than your eyepieces alone can provide, we offer a new 2x Barlow lens to give a big magnification boost to any 1.25" eyepiece it's used with.

US$ 10.99

Svbony 1.25'' 2x barlow lens for astronomy telescope eyepiece, can effectively doubles the magnification of each eyepiece.

US$ 15.99

Svbony SV118 1.25'' 2x achromatic metal barlow lens for astronomy telescope  

US$ 23.99 US$ 39.99 -40%

Svbony 1.25'' 2x barlow lens for standard 1.25'' telescopes, it has M42 thread, so it can connect with your camera, you just need an adapter, it's perfect!

US$ 15.99

The SV136 3x Extender does not require a very long extension between the telescope and the eyepiece to directly increase by a factor of two. It is suitable for any 1.25 inch telescope.

US$ 30.99

Svbony SV137 1.25 inch 2x/3x barlow lens provide a sharp view, ideal for high power observation. The edge of the mirror lens is matted & blackened, and the inner wall of the lens barrel is treated with matting spray paint to reduce reflections.

US$ 18.99 US$ 19.99 -5%