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Svbony 1.25 inch 45 degree arcing prism diagonal allows you to enjoy a great optical experience. Designed for refractor and catadioptric telescopes, not for reflector telescopes.

US$ 14.50 US$ 15.59 (6% off)

The Svbony 90 degree Diagonal coating is precision machined to achieve and maintain good optical alignment. A non-marring brass compression ring inside to secure your valuable eyepieces without any scratch

US$ 49.28 US$ 52.99 (7% off)

SVBONY 45 Degree Diagonal has BK7 prism to ensure high-quality optical characteristics. The black line design inside the lens barrel can prevent glare and make the image clearer.

US$ 28.82 US$ 30.99 (7% off)

The SV188 mirror diagonal is suitable for refractors, Celestron EQ, Meade Infinity, and similar telescopes. It is not suitable due to the length reflectors for Newton.

US$ 26.03 US$ 27.99 (7% off)