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SV172 Dew Heater Strip for Telescopes and Cameras

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Svbony SV172 dew heater strip designed for astronomy telescopes and cameras, protecting optical devices like telescopes and cameras from fogging or freezing.

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SV172 dew heater strip.jpg

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Model W9132A W9132B W9132C
Total Length 320mm 400mm 480mm
Heater Length 240mm 320mm 400mm
Interface Type USB Type-A USB Type-A USB Type-A
Input Voltage DV 5V DV 5V DV 5V
Input Current 1.45A~1.55A 1.8A~1.95A 1.9A~2.2A
Power 7.25W - 7.75W 9W – 9.25W 9.5W-9.75W
Temperature Adjustable Yes Yes Yes
Power Cable Length 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m
Strip Material Imitation OK cloth + SBR + Black-T +Aluminum Film+ PU
Power cord material Nylon Nylon Nylon

1. Designed for astronomy telescopes and compatible with DSLR camera lens, protecting optical devices like telescope and camera from fogging or freezing

2. It can be used for heating baby bottles or feeding bottles indoors or outdoors

3. 3 gear regulator with strong-medium-weak heating modes, you can adjust the temperature in different situations

4. 50mm narrow width design, when you use it, it will not block your field of view and will not have dark corners in the field

5. Imitating OK cloth, SBR and Black-T three-layer keep warm material fits the lens better, when you use it, it can heat fast and even 

6. Alloy fiber heating wire provides super fast and continuous warming, silicone insulation process can prevent internal short circuit, it is very safe

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