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SV127 Eyepiece LRGB Filters Set 1.25'' for Planetary Details Ideal Accessory

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 you can use color filters to accentuate subtle details on planets, comets, and the Moon by selectively increasing contrast between features and markings of different hues. 

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  • Type​ Four Color Filters Set​
    Material​ Optical glass lens Aluminum Frame​
    Shape​ Round​
    Barrel diameter​ 1.25-Inch​
    Thread Standard​
    •  7. M28.5*0.6
    •  23.4g / 0.83oz (set)
    Color1​ #15 Deep Yellow Planetary Filter​
    Color2​ #25 Red Planetary Filter​
    Color3​ #58 Green Planetary Filter​
    Color4​ #80A Medium Blue Planetary Filter​

#15 Deep Yellow Planetary Filter:

Boosts contrast of lunar features, accentuates red and orange features on Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, reveals low-contrast cloud detail on Venus.

#58 Green Planetary Filter:

Enhances contrast of blue and red structures on Jupiter (including Red Spot), melt lines around Martian polar ice caps, accentuates Saturn's cloud belts.

#80A Medium Blue Planetary Filter:

Enhances details in Jupiter's belts and Red Spot, high clouds and polar caps on Mars, lunar surface details, Venus cloud features.

#25 Red Planetary Filter:

Enhances Martian surface details in large telescopes, reveals cloud definition on Venus, accentuates bluish cloud regions on Jupiter and Saturn.

Package Includes:

1 X SVBONY 1.25 " NO.15 Color Filter
1 X SVBONY 1.25 " NO.25 Color Filter
1 X SVBONY 1.25 " NO.58 Color Filter
1 X SVBONY 1.25 " NO.80A Color Filter
4PCS Sturdy Plastic Case

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