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SV207 Plossl Eyepiece 1.25 inch Super wide angel 8/15/25/30mm 50-Degree

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US$ 30.99

Fully multi-coated optics; the eyepiece ensures that each glass surface has multiple layers of coating to obtain a better image quality

All-metal structure; the eyepiece has fine workmanship and fine materials

Matt blackened; the edge of the lens is matt blackened to prevent stray light interference

25mm large eyepiece; plossl eyepieces with 25mm and longer focal lengths are good choices for spectacle wearers; can better protect the eyesight of the observer

2 sets of 4-piece optical structures; the super plossl eyepiece structure has good compatibility

The SV207 series are classic Plossl eyepieces that offer higher performance than the majority of eyepieces supplied with telescopes.  

The introduction blog link: What can we know about the new Super Plossl 50° SV207 eyepiece set!

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Welcomed addition

Absolutely brilliant. They are solid. Great combo and I find myself using all of them for different reasons. If ur on the fence like I was I wish somebody would have just said go buy them. So there you go…. Your welcome. Lol.

Great Quality/price for F4 Newtonian

Got the 25mm. Heavy, well built. It offers sharp image, great TFoV, lot of details. Tested with small F4 Newtonian, no distortion aside the normal coma that such scope produces. very high quality for the price.


I received this 30mm eyepiece like 1 week ago, I haven't had the opportunity to properly test it because of the clouds, but I have to say that the images produced by this huge eyepiece are very sharp and clean. I used it to see Orion and Pléiades and the stars shine bright. The eyepiece is bigger than others from Svbony that I already own and it is heavier. In general the quality of this eyepiece is very good.
Model SV207
Eyepiece Type Super Plossl
Focal Length 8mm 15mm 25mm
Field of View 50 degrees
Eye Relief 4.5mm 11mm 19.5mm
Field stop Diameter 6.8mm 12mm 20.4mm
Net Weight 78g/2.75oz 100g/3.53oz 130g/4.59oz
Dimension Ø​37.5x43.5mm​ Ø​37.5​×52.2mm Ø​48.0×57mm
Material Metal
Thread Size M28.5×0.6
Lens group  2 gruop/4 PCS
Lens Coating FMC
Side of the lens coating Extinction Ink
Non-slip cover YES
Eyecup Type Rubber

1. 50 degrees field of viewing, bigger than the normal Plossl eyepiece.

2.  Each glass surface has multiple layers of coating for better Astro-image quality.

3. The edge of the lens is matt blackened to prevent stray light interference.

4. All-metal mirror structure, fine texture, superlative workmanship.

5. Safety undercut milled into the nosepiece to prevent the eyepiece from falling out of the scope focuser.

6. Plossl eyepieces with 15mm and longer focal lengths are good choices for glass wearers but for shorter focal lengths the SV190 Ultra Flat Field Eyepiece has greater eye-relief, which are better suited.

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