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SV205 Camera Work with Android

 Dec 17,2019   svbony   0 Comments   Astronomy Cameras

Can the SV205 camera could be work with the Android sysem? yes, this blog will tell you how to use your sv205 planetary with your android phone and pad.  ...

Amazing Daytime Using Svbony SV205

 Dec 05,2018   svbony   0 Comments   Astronomy Cameras

Can your astronomy camera work in the daytime? Yes, Svbony SV205 astro-camera could use in the daytime.  ...

Faster Speed 8MP SV205 Camera

 Dec 05,2018   svbony   3 Comments   Astronomy Cameras

8MP USB3.0 Svbony SV205 camera is the second version Svbony astronomy camera. Hope more people will love it.  ...