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How to Use the SV305 Pro camera

How to Use the SV305 Pro camera

How to Use the SV305 Pro camera

Q: I just bought and received the SV305 Pro camera. I don’t know how to use it. Please help me.

A: Ok, this blog will help you know more about how to use the SV305 Pro camera.


1, What is SV305 Pro camera

2, What system support the SV305 Pro camera

3, Use the SV305 Pro camera as photography camera

4, Use the SV305 Pro camera as guiding camera


What’s SV305 Pro camera

SV305 Pro camera is the upgrade version of the SV305 camera. Add ST4 guiding port, and upgrade the SDKs. SV305 Pro camera is a guiding camera for astronomers to use for guiding, for photography. It means the SV305 pro camera can be used as guiding camera, also as photography camera, for capturing the planets, Moon, and solar images.

As the SV305 Pro camera is designed with IMX290 sensor, it supports 1800s exposure time, so it can capture some bright deep space objects. Such as the Orion Nebula.

Because of the SV305 Pro camera protective window is designed with AR glass and coated with IR CUT films. When do some deep space photography, the IR wavelength can’t pass. Then the image will come out with DSO details, but without red color. This is normal. If you want to use the IR Pass filter, then remove the SV305 Pro camera protective window first. (Don’t recommend people do it. )


What system support the SV305 Pro camera

As in the website description, The SV305 Pro guiding camera run with the Windows system, Linux system, Raspberry pi system and Mac OS system. (SV305 Pro doesn’t support any smartphone APP)

For windows system, the Sharpcap software support SV305 Pro.

For Linux system, the AstroDMx capture for Linux support SV305 Pro. The AstroDMx capture software works with Linux system, Raspberry Pi system, and Mac OS system, also it works with Windows system now.  So run the SV305 Pro camera with the AstroDMx capture software for Linux on different computer systems. Hope you enjoy it.

We are still working on supporting other software. Like Firecapture software, TheSkyX software. The INDI Driver and INDIGO engineers also help us to support the SV305 Pro camera. We are trying the best to support more software, so that people could enjoy the astronomy hobby by using SVBONY cameras. Especially the SV305 Pro guiding camera.


Use the SV305 Pro camera as photography camera

When receive the camera, the first thing is check if the package in good condition, and check if the camera has any defective. Make sure the SV305 Pro camera is ok, then use it on your computer. OR, contact the seller directly to do the after-sale service.


If your computer running windows system, it is better to download the capture software – sharpcap.

On the website, we have the support page:


or you go to the sharpcap website directly:


Step 1: Donwload the correct version Sharpcap software according to your computer system version. And install the sharpcap software to your computer.

Note: Don’t forget install the Windows Driver for SV305 Pro camera.

Step 2: Connect the SV305 Pro camera to your computer or Laptop.

(Remember use the Main USB. The main USB is data usb, transporting image data and signal. The Sub-usb is only power usb, when you laptop doesn’t have enough power to run the astronomy camera, then connect a power bank to the sub-usb, it will support enough power for making sure the astronomy work normally work. )

Step 3: Connect the SV305 Pro camera to your telescope, input it to the diagonal hole, or the telescope focuser hole. (Note: only the camera itself, you can’t get image on the computer screen, the camera should work with a telescope.)

Step 4: Enter the sharpcap software, Choose “SVBONY SV305PRO”, you will see some light on the screen.

SV305 Pro camera in sharpcap

SV305 Pro get image in sharpcap

Then target your telescope on an object. (It is better to try an object in daytime.)

Adjust the telescope focus wheel, until find the clear image on the screen.

Step 5: you can capture single image, or a short video.

If you want to capture a color image, then please choose the RGB24 format. If you want to capture the original data of astronomy, then it is better to choose RAW8 or RAW12. The image will be in white-black color.

Step 6: Go to the computer begin/ table page, checking the images or videos you captured in sharpcap default file. And the txt. File is the image data. It will help you to adjust the settings to get  a better image. And also it helps to describe the details of the image.  


Use the SV305 Pro camera as guiding camera

SV305 Pro has the ST4 guiding port, it supports PHD2 guiding. If you prefer to use ST4 port for guiding, then connect the SV305 Pro camera to the Mount by using the guiding cable.

 sv305 pro guiding camera

If you don’t want to use the ST4 for guiding, then it will be easier. Read this blog :


the SV305 Pro camera works directly with the PHD2 software. Enter the software, you will see and choose the SVBONY camera. It will works.


If you have any other questions about using the SV305 Pro guiding camera. Welcome all your comment in the following, will try our best to help you. Thanks for your reading.





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