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Make Your Own ED Refractor Telescope

Make Your Own ED Refractor Telescope

Make Your Own ED Refractor Telescope

Hello guys, Do you want to make a telescope? share your ideas with svbony, we will help you make it. Svbony is planning to make a new model ED telescope.

So firstly, what's your budget price for a new single ED telescope refractor?

And secondly, do you prefer the 70ED or 80ED? The final price maybe $80 different. What focal length will be afford your requirement?

Thirdly, what telescope focuser do you need, double speed helical focuser or normal single speed focuser? And how long is the back focus length do you need? Is 0.1mm accuracy enough?

Forthly, what accessories are essential? If a 2 inch focus hole, then a 2'' to 1.25'' adapter is needed. So what else accessories are absolutely necessary?

Finally, thanks very much for your details reply. All your ideas will be welcomed. All the suggestions that would have been adopted will give you a discount when you purchase this telescope in the future. Maybe a free sample for you. 

Don't hesitated to send email to us: info@svbony.com. thanks!

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