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Start Your Astronomy Hobby with Svbony SV501 70420 Telescope

Start Your Astronomy Hobby with Svbony SV501 70420 Telescope

Start Your Astronomy Hobby with Svbony SV501 70420 Telescope

Hello May, Hello Everyone!

The summer season is coming. It is a observing season. Are you ready for your equipment? For beginners, Svbony already has the SV25 for starting your summer observing. And we produce one more telescope for beginners. The SV501 travel telescope has 70mm aperture and 420mm focal length. The larger aperture, the more light it could gather. So the SV501 will gather more light than SV25. So you have one more choice before you buy yourself a new telescope.


SV501 is a great gift for your kids or students.

Because it is not a big one, so very very suitable for the young people who is from 7 years old to 15 years old. Low weight, only the tube and tripod, and all the accessories you need for observing. Very comfortable to take out and easy to set up. So if your kids are over 7 years old, then he or she could set up the SV501 by himself, without any help from the adults. Open up his interest in astronomy, by sending him a gift SV501.


SV501 is good enough for beginner adults amateur

Is it hard to step out to catch astronomy hobby? The big telescope is too expensive, you give up the astronomy hobby? No, say goodbye to the expensive bid telescope when you start your astronomy hobby. The big telescope is good looking, and you could see more clear images than the small one. But capturing the clear image also need your experience skills.

So start with a small telescope and practice more, when you are experienced and full of skills, then it is the best time for you to get your second telescope, the big one—APO.


SV501 is a good art in your room

You may have many interesting art playing in your room. Then set up this SV501 astronomy telescope in your room. It will be special and classic. You are the outstanding star! When clear night, move your SV501 outside, then you could see the rocks and mountains on the moon. If you insist to keep capturing a month of the moon ephemeris, you will feel amazing. If you do it for a year, you will be amazing! Art and hobby, you deserve it!

Are you ready to own the SV501? PLEASE send email to info@svbony.com to preorder it. Or you could buy it online in July!

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