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SV105 Camera Work With SV28 Spotting Scope

SV105 Camera Work With SV28 Spotting Scope

SV105 Camera Work With SV28 Spotting Scope

One customer asked: I have bought the SV28 (SKU: F9308D) for target shooting. Can I use your SV105 Camera? It could not work with my Webcam.

Svbony Spotting Scope.png

Svbony: Yes. You could use the SV105 to work with the SV28 spotting scope with the accessories. (SKU:F9110A and SKU: F9164A/W2376A)

Let see the testing results.

F9308D SV28 Spotting Scope

Svbony Spotting Scope.jpg

F9110A Extension Tube

Svbony Spotting Scope.png

F9164A M42 to 1.25” adapter

Svbony Brand Sp[otting Scope.png

Svbony SV28 Spotting Scope.png

Target: about 150m to 200m, Day time using the SV105 camera. (Note: SV105 isn't designed for daytime using, but it just could work in the daytime)

Setting Up: Screw on the extension tube to the spotting scope eyepiece. at the base part of the scope eyepiece, there is tgreads for connecting the extension tube. and then screw on the M42 to 1.25" adapter by connecting to the extension tube, finally connect your SV105 camera 1.25" camera nose to the 1.25" adapter. 

Svbony Brand SV28 Spotting Scope.jpg 

Let see the testing video 

Hope this blog could help you, thanks for your reading. 



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I have the SVBONY 105 view finder and would like to attach to my spotting scope. What settings do I use to get a picture?

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It depends on whether your Spotting Scope could be matched with these accessories. What is your model? There are some combinations on the official website that you can refer to.

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