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Why Can’t See It Clear With SV105?

Why Can’t See It Clear With SV105?

Why Can’t See It Clear With SV105?

These days many people send email to ask me: “Why the SV105 didn’t focus? I can’t see it clearly. I saw other people share the clear images. But they are not mine.” And also some negative feedbacks there under the product list. So I write this blog to explain more about how to use the SV105. And hope this will help people who could not see clear image with SV105 camera.

Firstly, I should tell you what I usually use. I always use SV20 telescope ( 80mm aperture F5 ) with SV105 camera, and a Lenovo laptop. These equipment help me a lot for capturing the Moon images and videos.  When I use SV20 with SV105, I didn’t put all SV105 adapter into the diagonal. Only parts into diagonal and use the screw to fix adapter. I could see the images on the computer clearly. If I put the SV105 whole adapter into the diagonal , then the sensor is too close, so I can’t see the clear image.

So if anyone uses a telescope with 400mm focal length work together with SV105, don’t put SV105 whole adapter barrel into the diagonal. Try it, please!

By the way, If anyone have a telescope with a 300mm focal length. Maybe you need a extend tubeW2761) to connect the SV105 camera. then the camera could focus and capture the clear image.

SV105 not clear 2.jpg


If you use a refractor telescope with 1500mm or 1200mm focal length work together with SV105, then you could not see it directly. You need a focal reducer 0.5xF9154), then you could see the clear image from SV105.

SV105 not clear 1.jpg

One note I have to write here. Some people put the sv105 camera into the diagonal. Then said he see nothing clear. Please remember that SV105 didn’t autofocus. You need adjust the telescope focus wheel and see the image changing on the computer meantime. Finally you could get the clear image with slowly adjust the focus wheel.

Because SV105 camera different from Nikon/ Canon/ Sony auto-focus cameras. SV105 doesn’t have auto-focus function. People could only adjust the telescope focus wheel. Or they may get the clear image with lucky. So when people plan to do the observation, they need use the normal eyepiece to find the observing object, then exchange the eyepiece into SV105 camera, and adjust the telescope focus wheel to find the clear image. You see?


If still need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to send email to info@svbony.com. we will try our best to help you!

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