Why SV105 Cable Has Two USB?

Why SV105 Cable Has Two USB?

Why SV105 Cable Has Two USB?

Hello svbony friends, I hope you are having a clear sky!

If you have a Svbony SV105 astronomical eyepiece camera, you must curious about why this cable has 2 USB connectors. 

Here is the reason. 

In some developed countries with developed electric power, it can ensure that electric power is stable enough for 110V or 220V. However, in some remote areas, it may not reach a stable level of 110V or 220V. Of course, in some countries where electricity is not sufficiently developed, voltage stability cannot be guaranteed. In this area the voltage is not stable enough. however SV105 with 2 USB connectors could also works well, to ensure the normaly night sky observing.


Normally using, connect the main USB connector to your computer, and it could transport up to 500mAh electric current. so that the SV105 could work.  If the power not steable, then need you connect the sub-USB connector to your computer or a power hub, it will transport double electric current to make sure the SV105 eyepiece camera work normaly with enought electric power. 

Normally if connect the SV105 to your computer. you don't need to use the sub-usb. If you use a old version laptop. then the sub-USB should work. 

Take the light bulb as example. when turn on the bulb, the momentary electronic current is very large. So does the SV105, when using it, The USB cable could ensure enough electronic current pass through, and it not only support 2MP SV105, it also support 5MP eyepiece camera. hope you like it. 

if you need any further assistance, contact us without any hesitate. please send email to: info@svbony.com. Thank you!


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Jack Krajczar

Is there a longer usb cable for my sv305 that I can buy ?

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You can buy it online but we don't provide longer cable for stale data transmission.

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