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SVBONY MK105 Telescope Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA For Planetary Visual and Photography

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US$ 319.99

MK105 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope exchanges the conventional front corrector plate of a Schmidt with a convex meniscus lens, resulting in a smaller secondary mirror that limits obstruction and increases contrast, while eliminating the need for periodic collimation.

A perfect transportable, grab-and-go telescope, with its sturdy metal construction it will be sure to survive a few bumps and knocks on its travels.

Secondary Mirror with high Reflectivity with Dielectric Coatings, delivering 99% reflectivity.

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SVBONY MK105 Telescope Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA

105mm Effective Optical Aperature

The Mk105 offers an ultra-long focal length of 1365mm and f/13 focal ratio. The limit magnification reaches 210x. 

Metal Material

Compact Size

Dual Dovetail Bases

Dual dovetail mounting base design allows use of two finders with no drilling required.

1.25 Inches Interface

Appropriate Observation Target

Mk105 is of compact size, which can be carried outdoor more easily, it is suitable for observing and photographing celestial bodies such as the moon and planets.

The Package Includes

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Super Customer Support! Great little Mak.

Folks: I've been blown away by SVBony's customer service since purchasing this scope in December. I mean how many companies let you engage in WhatsApp chats with their US Sales Manager to answer questions and resolve issues; this was a first for me. John was terrific throughout always delivering on what he promised. The scope itself is just adorable. It's super compact, looks great and has those superb 99% reflective mirrors giving it more light grasp than you'd expect from a 4" OTA. I should add that it came super well packed with molded Styrofoam throughout with lots of places to store accessories -- works great as a case!

Compact Solar / Planetary Mak

When SVBony announced their year end pricing, I had to try this little Mak! Instead of adding a barlow to my already heavier refractor, I got a smaller lighter OTA with more reach and resolution. I couldn't be happier! Why isn't it a 5 star review? It might be after I get some more time on it! I've only been able to image on it for a single session with my Nikon Z7. Watch this page, add they say.


Type Maksutov Cassegrain
Mounting Base Number 2PCS
Aperture 105mm
Resolution 1.1arc second
Focal Length 1365mm
Limiting Magnitude 12.1
Focal Ratio f/13
Light Gathering Power 210x
Primary Mirror Multi-coated Precision Aluminum Coating
Optical Tube Length 377mm
Optical Tube Diameter 119mm
Focus Internal Optical Tube
Net Weight 2193g / 4.83lbs
Adapter Thread M42x0.75 for T-ring


1. 105mm Aperature
2. 1365mm Ultra-long Focal Length
3.  Magnification 210x
4. Dual Dovetail Mounting Base Design Allows Use of Two Finders 
5. Standard 75-degree Mouting Dovetail Plate
6. 1.25-inch 90-degree Dielectric Mirror Diagonal
7. FMC Lens Coated
8. Compact Size

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