1.25''/2'' UV IR Cut Filters for Astrophotography Astronomy Accessories

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  • This UV/IR Cut off filter blocks undesirable ultraviolet and infrared rays that may interfere with obtaining the high contrast and high quality images possible with a digital sensor
  • It serves as a permanent lens protector;digital imaging with DSLR cameras;CCD cameras;and modified WebCams;or telescope
  • True optical quality glass substrate and coatings achieves greater detail;less chromatic aberration;more natural colors and finer color gradation
  • Combine with any standard 1.25” filter threads for 1.25" eyepieces and other accessories to deliver the sharpest images possible;reducing ghost images caused by IR radiation
  • Comes with a plastic box to keep it safe and clean when not in use;It's a great birthday christmas gift
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Svbony UV IR cut filter

Svbony UV IR cut filter for astronomy

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Model F9127A F9127B
Size 1.25'' 2''
Thread M28.5*0.6 M48*0.75
thickness​ 1.85mm 1.85mm
Type UV IR cut filter

1. The UV IR cut filter uses the very latest coating technology to deliver the finest filtration quality, and lifetime durability. If you use DSLR camera, CCD camera, or telescope, it absolutely will be one of your best choices

2. We provide you with two sizes to choose from, 1.25'' and 2''

3. Color CCD cameras such as the Skyris color planetary cameras are very sensitive across the visual spectrum, as well as in infrared. Some telescopes may correct for chromatic aberration, but are not designed to correct for IR light, which can often look defocused in astroimages. Blocking infrared (IR) light provides the greatest color balance and sharpness in your astroimages. This filter blocks IR while passing more than 94% of the entire visual spectrum, maintaining color fidelity

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