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Quick Test of SV503 80 ED Telescope with SV305 Camera

 Mar 27,2020   svbony   0 Comments   Telescope

Quick test of the SV503 telescope in daytime, SV503 80 ED telescope working with SV305 camera and SV105 , SV205. You need extend tube or diagonal.  ...


SV503 80ED Telescope Unboxing

 Mar 27,2020   svbony   0 Comments   Telescope

SV503 80 ED telescope unboxing, 2" telescope OTA with 1.25" adapter, metal hoop and dovetail, SMC band coating, SPL-51 ED glass.  ...


2020 New SV154 70 Degree Eyepieces

 Mar 20,2020   svbony   0 Comments   Eyepieces

2020 New SWA eyepiece Svbony SV154 70 degree eyepieces for your astronomy telescope.  ...


Difference Between APO & Achromatic Lens Under Diffraction Ring

 Mar 20,2020   svbony   0 Comments   Telescope

Test the APO and Achromatic, make sure the difference under diffraction ring, SV305 doublet is quality achromatic lens with SPL-51 ED glass.  ...


Home Activities During the Current CoronaVirus Crisis

 Mar 20,2020   svbony   0 Comments   News

How to spend the time during current coronacirus crisis, highly recommend the astronomy observation with Svbony SV503 and SV25 telescopes.  ...


Is SV503 Telescope an APO?

 Mar 19,2020   svbony   0 Comments   Telescope

SV503 telescope is designed with single ED glass, not an APO.  ...


How to Use a Guider Scope as Telescope

 Mar 14,2020   svbony   0 Comments   Optics Accessories

Use SV106 guider scope as astronomy telescope. SV106 finder could work with the eyepiece directly. also could wotk with SV105 camera. it shows clear image with barlow and diagonal.  ...


Update Directshow Dirver for SV305 Camera

 Mar 09,2020   svbony   0 Comments   Astronomy Cameras

Install the Directshow Driver to your Windows computer, then SV305 camera could work with other directshow capture software.  ...


New SV152 SWA 70 Degree 20mm Illuminated Eyepiece

 Mar 07,2020   svbony   0 Comments   Eyepieces

Svbony SV152 eyepiece is used for manually guide the exposure and is also used to calibrate the starfinder on the main telescope. It can also come in handy when drift-calibrating an equatorial mount, and when performing calibration procedures for a computerized GoTo or IntelliScope system.  ...


Test SV305 Camera with M42 M43 Nebula

 Mar 06,2020   svbony   0 Comments   Astronomy Cameras

SV305 camera could work with AstroDMx capture for Linux, the long exposure time make sure it could capture the bright deep space object M42 M43.  ...