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A Belated List of Winners

A Belated List of Winners

A Belated List of Winners

For this calendar collection activity, 15 photographers' works were finally selected.
They are:
Brian Leonardo Tan
David Johnson
Devesh Pande
Emma Holley
Fran Ruiz
Harald Becher
Jim Owen
Lee Adkins
Paul Capino
Paul E. Cizdziel
Philipp Daweke
Spyridon Koustas
Valerio Faiuolo
All of them will get what we have for you! Buy anytime in the next year and get a great discount.
Regarding the changes in the number of awards, it should be explained that these reasons will all become influencing factors:
1. Only one picture per person can be used as the final award-winning work
2. The shooting target of each work should be different, which also means that if you and others have submitted the same work, we can only choose one from them.
3. Each work should contain at least one SVbony product
4. Number of people participating in the competition
5. Is the picture good enough?
After confirming the photos, we will contact you individually to add more information and details, or you can also tell us some ideas about the calendar design, hope you can receive it before the new year!
In addition, all friends who participated in this calendar work collection activity will receive a small gift as a souvenir. Thank you very much for your help and support. We will carry out many activities in the future and look forward to your participation.


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