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How to Use SV105 Astronomy Camera

How to Use SV105 Astronomy Camera

How to Use SV105 Astronomy Camera

Update new information about the new coming SVBONY SV105 telescope electronic eyepiece, All people beginer astronomers or professors could buy it online on April.  Ebay Amazon and Aliexpress will sell it at the same time.

Then the beginners will ask how can I use it ?

Please don't worry, let me help you how to use it. 

Firstly, download the astronomy software 【sharpcarp】from the CD coming within the package. then install it as following the prompts. Or you could download the software from sharpcap site. www.sharpcap.co.uk 

Secondly, Test the SV105 that connecting it to the computer by the USB cable coming within the package. There is no need install a driver. Because the SV105 is a standard UVC device, Windows 7 and newer operating system will automatically install the driver.

Thirdly,Check your computer 【Device Manager】, you will find the Camera 【SVBONY SV105】. It means the successfully connecting. 

Fouthly, running the astronomy software【sharpcarp】as administator. enter the software and single click the 【camera】button, you will see 【SVBONY SV105】.  Double click it, then you will see the image or some light on the screen, if all equpments work well. 

before connecting the SV105 to your telescope, please focus the target first by using a normal optic eyepiece. then replace it with the SV105 camera. You should adjust the focus wheel to reach a clear image on the computer screen. Because the SV105 isn't auto focus camera like Canon and Sony camera. 

Finaly, connect 1.25" SV105 electronic eyepiece to your telescope, then you could take photos on your computer and save the files. Also you could capture a vivid video. If you need change the specifications to make the images more beautiful as you need, manually adjust Gain, Contrast, Exposure Time, Frame rate and Color Saturation on the right side table. 

Note: If you didn't get a clear image on your screen. Don't forget to adjust the telescope focus wheel. Thanks. 

See, It's not a big problem to use a astronomy camera. If you have any problems of using it, contact me anytime on facebook SVBONY page, or send email to info@svbony.com.


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The Svbony SV105 is an excellent starter lunar/planetary astrocamera. I have had great results!

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