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Meet the twins-a review of SV410

Meet the twins-a review of SV410

Meet the twins-a review of SV410

Among the Svbony family, I personally think the SV410 twins (F9363A and F9363B) are pretty unique. They remind me of the well-known TV documentary-Too cute at first sight. After I actually use them to observe, I realized that they are far more than that. In this blog, I will share my review of SV410.


I think they are just cute, period.


Basically, you can check them on the advertising page and the links could be found at the end of this blog. Here, I want to mention the biggest difference between the twins which is glass. F9363B is equipped with ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass which prevents or at least lessens chromatic aberration, the better the aberrations are controlled, the cleaner and brighter the image will be. As for F9363A, it has HD (High Definition) glass as a counterpart which improves your vision more than regular glasses to create sharper images, brighter colors, and crisp focus.   


I tested them on a winter afternoon and the weather is not quite good. With the smog in the air and buildings of the city, the visibility I got is low. Although, I’m still satisfied with the images I got as you guys can see below. By the way, I gotta apology for my poor photography skills with my mobile phone in advance. The images I got from naked eyes are much clearer than the camera on a mobile phone. The first one is F9363A, another is F9363B. 

In conclusion, SV410 twins are a pretty good gear if you have higher requirements for portability and not willing to sacrifice the quality of the image at the same time. Meanwhile, the palm-size, outlooks, and IPX5 waterproof and of course, the great optical performance, make them become a great gift for boys and girls to observe through a scope for the first time. If you want to learn more about that twins, just click SV410-F9363A, SV410-F9363B.

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