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my shopping experience with SVBONY

my shopping experience with SVBONY

my shopping experience with SVBONY

1. Beginning of the story

Comes a little late, but I would like to share my little story with my experience with SVbony. After a good two years of relentless saving, I can now, through Christmas, fulfill my long-awaited dream. Because it was over Christmas, on the numerous family reunions (3) not only enjoyed the extremely good food but also the hobby bag richly filled.🤪
So in the next few days, the night's rest was used to inform on the known Internet sites, where the money can be invested well for the hobby. After long consideration, the decision was made on a still quite young company (SV-Bony) I think even such companies have a right to prove themselves. The quality and prices of other "manufacturers" we all know.


2. Decision 

So I have me after ample consideration in the night to 28.12.2021 the following ordered there.
1) 1x 2" SV503 80 ED F7 Doublet Refractor Telescope OTA
2) 1x SV106 60mm Achromatic Guide Scope
3) 1x Eyepiece set 68 deg 6/9/15/20 mm
4) 2x SV172 Dew Heater Strip's for Telescopes and Cameras
5) 1x SV196 Adapter for Sony NEX Alpha Body Cameras
6) 1x 2'' 90 degree Dielectric Mirror Diagonal with 1.25" Adapter
7) 1x Aluminum Bahtinov Mask
😎 1x SV193 2-inch 0.8x Focal Reducer / Flattener for SV503 f/7 80mm ED Refractor
9) 1x 12.5mm 1.25" Illuminated Crosshair Eyepiece
10) 2x small parts
11) 1x Laser Colimator for my Newtonian


3. Shipping

On 29.12.2021 I got the confirmation including trakingnumber, that the package is already in shipping.
Unfortunately with the hint that the laser colimator cannot be shipped from Hong Kong (China) to DE due to legal reasons. The money for it was already credited to my Paypal account.Further I was asked to transfer the money again to a German Papal account, with the reference that in a European warehouse the same device is available and can then be shipped from there.
As desired so also happened.
A few hours later at night on 30.12.2021 I got from DHL Express the confirmation that the package is picked up and already arrived in Hong Kong in the sorting facility.
Short time later I have the customs matters to DHL Express as a representative ceded.
In the night of 31.12.2021 the package arrived in Leipzig ( germany)in the customs and sorting facility, later, in the early morning of 01.01.2022, the customs documents and invoice for the import VAT were sent to me by mail and this was transferred around noon by me immediately to avoid any delays.


The shipment was at this time because of the New Year's Eve holiday on hold.
02.01.2022 The package has arrived in Cologne in the customs and sorting facility (2nd customs clearance) after release, the package went into the shipping.
03.01.2022 at 8:40 clock I received the delivery notification (contactless delivery) Since I was at work, I immediately called my son, so he saves the lonely package at the front door.


4. So exiciting!

Not that I would have had two standing there afterwards, that would have been too much work with then😂 Well from then on it was a crappy working day, by the enormous anticipation, the time did not really want to pass.Then approached in the end but still the saving end of work.😅
Arrived home I could hardly wait to open the package. Armed with a knife, I immediately went into the living room where the whole parts were already waiting for liberation.


Everything was well and safely packed, but after stocktaking I, unfortunately, found that 2 eyepieces were not included in the package.
Shortly decided... in the night still set to the PC and wrote an email with the request for reshipment. Then I have everything completely unpacked examined and was surprised despite the low price, about the workmanship and quality.
How well the telescope and the other parts do later in practice, will surely turn out over short or long. I see the thing but am very optimistic in the eye and makes me there less worry. 04.01.2022 I received an email from SV Bony with a very nice apology, in addition, immediately a tracking nummer, lo and behold, the package with the missing parts is already in shipping.


in the late afternoon, it rings at the front door, what a joy, now the laser collimator has also arrived. At this point, I must say that is call times so really good service and fast shipping. Just for that all thumbs up.👍👍
Attached are a few pictures of my new acquisition🥰


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