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Astronomy dessert house----Filter

Astronomy dessert house----Filter

Astronomy dessert house----Filter

Do you know how many kinds of filters for Astrophotography? Today, let’s have a quick outlook of the filters. So have a nice afternoon tea.

Astrophotography includes planetary, deep-sky, etc. For different objects, we need to use different filters, helping us to make more colorful photos.


The narrowband filter transport only one wave, which includes H-alpha(656.2nm), OIII(500.7nm), SIII(672nm). If you are going to capture the deep-sky image, you can leave the SHO filter.


They are mainly used in planetary and deep-sky photography by CCD camera.

UV/IR Cut filter

This filter can cut the infrared light, which can reduce the chromatic aberration.

Also, there are other types of filters, such as the UHC (high contrast filter), which can reduce city light pollution to a great extent.

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