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Why SV205 Camera Could Not be Recognized by My Computer

Why SV205 Camera Could Not be Recognized by My Computer

Why SV205 Camera Could Not be Recognized by My Computer

"Hello Svbony, I use win10 i7-6700CPU, And I use sharpcap software 3.2.6086version. my computer just not find the SV205 camera. What should I do?"


one customer send me this email. I test my SV205 on a win10 i7-6700CPU computer, and it works very well. 

here is my test processing, and I give my solution for that customer. Here I want to tell all Svbony customers that when you have problem of using the Svbony products, don't hesitate to contact me, we support life-time technique support, Please don't worry. 

Test SV205 on win10 i7-6700CPU

Firstly, Connect the SV205 to the win 10 computer. When connect SV205 to the computer, the computer recognized it. 

The computer is recognizing the SV205, 

And the SV205 is ready to runing.

Secondly, Install the Sharpcap software. (You could install the sharpcap software first) and enter the Sharpcap software. 

The sharpcap software recognized the SV205.

SV205-Sharpcap software.png

At the beginning, the problem is the sharpcap software didn’t recognize the sv205.

1, maybe the connecting problem, people should remove the SV205 USB cable from the computer, reconnect it again.

2, check the sharpcap software version, check if you install the correct version for your computer.

3, try to use USB2.0 port on your computer, if the USB2.0 port ok, then try to use the USB3.0 port on your computer. May the USB port has connecting problem.
4, if you tried upside 3 methods, all don’t work. Maybe the usb cable has problem. Try to use another USB cable.


If all the methods don’t work. Then that’s the SV205 problem. (I feel so sorry about that)

Contact your seller, they will arrange you a new one, or give you a full refund as you like. 


When I click the[Camera], the click [SVBONY SV205], then it show me a black screen.


Does the SV205 died here? It could not work. What should I do ?

Firstly, the SV205 is working. If it doesn’t work, you won’t see the black screen. you could only see the grey screen. 

Secondly, Please check the camera settings and image settings. Extend the exposure time, please.


See, when you extend the exposure time to 63ms, then the screen changed, and you could see some light. (the SV205 is working)

Question: why I can not see image, just some light? And why it shows the color?

1, can’t see image? Because I didn’t connect an astronomy telescope with the SV205. I only connect the SV205 to the computer. Only the SV205 camera connecting to the computer, it means only have the CMOS senser, you definitely could not see a image. Can you take picture by a Canon camera without lens? Of course, NO.
2, About the color. It is called pixel vignetting, for SV205, the project is not a perfect one, but you could set the image settings to make the images better.

Gain, Hue, Contrast, White balance, Saturation, Brightness ......


See, it is much better now.
and connect the SV205 camera to a telescope. And adjust the telescope focus wheel, to find the clear image on your computer screen.

SV205-Night using.png

[SVBONY SV205]  Night Using


SV205-Daytime using.png

[SVBONY SV205] Daytime Using

Resolution= 1920x1080

After read all of the above, the customer redownload the new Sharpcap software, and the SV205 works well for him now. 

So does this blog help you of using the SV205 camera?

any questions, don't hesitate to send email to  I am always here to help. 


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Does the 250 work with my apple computer. If, so, how do I install it?

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TV BigBang

Boa tarde! estou precisando de um software de captura de foto com a svbony 205, já tentei o shap cap, mas ele buga toda hora com ela, você pode me indicar outros softwares gratuitos!!!

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Hello, You could also try the Linux system with AstroDMx Capture for Linux, there is a link in SV205's FEATURE. And you could download the latest version of Sharpcap software and try again. If it still does not work, I suggest you send an email with a video or photo explaining the problem.

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