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SV220 - They All Love This Filter

SV220 - They All Love This Filter

SV220 - They All Love This Filter

Almost all customers who have experienced the SV220 filter are impressed by it and cannot put it down. It is a dual narrow-band filter that is very suitable for deep-space astrophotography. Even in areas with severe light pollution, it can give full play to its role, giving you the opportunity to experience the fun of capturing nebulae in the city.
A few days ago, someone asked a question in our community, why can't see more people talk about their experience or ideas about shooting with the SV220? Many friends left a message below and shared the photos they took, and also provided some helpful suggestions, which reminds me that I should always collect yours feedback to help more people who are interested in the product understand the actual shooting effect. Of course, the imaging effect of astrophotography will be affected by many aspects, such as equipment, exposure, weather, location, post-processing, etc. The same equipment, different people feel different when using them. Therefore, the picture material and evaluation we provide are just a reference. Also, this doesn't include all the feedback, we've only collected some of it. To get more information, you can follow our social media, especially Facebook, search for the model of the product, then you will see a lot of related posts, of course, YouTube, and forums will also be a good help.

Below are some pictures and comments shared by our friends, I hope these will be helpful to you.

Joseph Milazzo-----

I purchased the svbony sv220 dual narrow band filter. I am very pleased. The eagle nebula was only 20 -2 minute subs. The crescent was 47 2 minute subs. Scope was sv503ed 102 and ASI533 cam.



Jarek Rx

Eagle Nebula M16  8SE   Eq6r pro   Asi294mc pro


55 x 180 seconds

Bortle 3

Moon 55% or over

M16 is very low from this location (54 degree N) and no astro darkness this time in the year. The sky is basically blue throughout the whole 3 hours long 'night'. Sv220 has done an excellent job.

Becky lewis

 Rosette Nebula

SVBONY 503 80 ED



Skywatcher EQM-35 pro

SV220 dual-band 7nm filter

Deep Sky Stacker


Israel Ramirez

Seagull Nebula!  Procesing data from few months ago.

IC 2177 is a region of nebulosity that lies along the border between the constellations Monoceros and Canis Major.

28/500s 3.8 hrs  from my backyard.

Im colorblind , dont surprise if you see different colors on my posts.

Darks Flats Darkflats

Svbony sv220 dual Band Filter

Askar ACL 200


ZWO ASI 533mcpro


Mj  Magallon

A Blazing Rendition of Horsehead and Flame Nebula

Alnitak is a good test of how the SV220 performs.

Svbony SV220 duo band filter

Gain 100, 300-sec subs

Sky Rover 72mm f/6 ED Apo, with 0,8x Reducer

with flats, darks, and bias.

Kaiden Bain 

Hello everybody,

I’m really asking for some critique here. Hit me hard, nit pick the hell out of it. I know about the issues with the stars, and as far as I know I cannot fix them.

Also, the way the background is blotchy and weird at the top, does anyone know how to fix that?!?! It only showed up after the Darkstructureenhance script on pixinsight, and even after tweaking with the settings it wouldn’t stop messing up the background. It makes the actual dark structures look so much better though.

This is a 2 panel *unplanned* mosaic. It just so happened that 2 of my images had a nice wider fov of this area which I think is so beautiful. The panels are 49x300 and 40x300.

Follow me on Instagram @kaidenbainofficial

Mount: PMC 8 Iexos-100 + azimuth adjuster

Telescope: Svbony SV503 80ED + SV193 reducer/flattener

Camera: Svbony SV405CC OSC cooled camera

Guide scope: astromania 50mm helical guide scope

Guide cam: Svbony sv905c

Ha/O3 filter: Svbony sv220

Processed in pixinsight

The first panel was acquired with Sharpcap but the 2nd was with NINA, phd2 for guiding and ascom device hub for all the connections.

Leo Yu 

Second take of the Bat / Eastern veil nebula. this time with a dual band filter. Post processed to push the OIII more and better framing

30x 300s Gain 191 Bortle 8

Astrotech 102ED

Celestron AVX

SVBONY SV405CC @ -5c

SVBONY SV165 Guidescope

SVBONY SV305 Pro guide camera

SVBONY SV220 7nm dual band filter

Pixinsight + BlurX + NoiseX

LightRoom for final touchup

Thanks again for sharing the above and hope this will be useful to you.

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