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SV503 80ED Telescope Unboxing

SV503 80ED Telescope Unboxing

SV503 80ED Telescope Unboxing

Hello guys, I got my testing sample-SV503 80ED Telescope today. Let me show you more details about it. 

Here is the box I received.


The box size is about 540*215*230mm. total weight is about 3950g. Normally I used the SV101 to test the small telescope like SV20 SV25 and SV501. So I prepared a better tripod for it. 

I am sorry, I don’t have a mount in hand. Only the photography tripod, but I am sure you will love my tripod. 

The SV503 telescope is packaged in 2 corrugated boxes. Not a Aluminium box. The packaging box does not have any squeeze, deformation, scratches. Packaged well. 

The package follows RT-QC-SIP-02-AO quality inspection standard. During transportation, it can be completely guaranteed that SV503  telescope will not receive any damage. So the telescope is very good when I received it.


Here is the setting up SV503 80ED telescope

ED SMC Objective Lens:

The SV503 ED telescope is designed with SMC coating, it is the Ultra-wideband coating, the objective lens just look like a mirror. You could see yourself clearly. 

If there is some light, then you could see the OTA inside. As I have post the picture on the facebook. Looks like you are watching into deep, and the deep is also watching at you.


The SV503 telescope is Doublet, Double separation lens structure. The outside optic lens material is ED glass, and the inside optic lens material is Lanthanide glass. The ED glass is imported from Japanese company OHARA. The ED SPL-51, is very good quality. 

Hand-polished ED glass, coupled with low-polishing technology, superb technology guarantees good optical results.


The retractable dew/ shade is about 90mm. when extend the retractable dew/ shade out, total length is 550mm. and the normal length is 460mm.

The appearance of the OTA is baked with high-end fine-grain paint, which has a delicate appearance and delicate feel.


2 Inch Dual Speed Focuser

The metal focuser is very high level, the focus knob is very smoothly. The gear ratio of the 2-inch dual speed focuser is 1: 10, which makes it easy to achieve accurate focus.


The golden color of the Fine Focus Knob makes the OTA is more attractive.

The back focus of the SV503 telescope is 80mm. so that you could change different eyepieces and astronomy cameras to achieve different photography goal.


Also the 2 inch telescope scope focuser coming with a 2 inch to 1.25 inch adapter. So that you could also use all your 1.25 inch accessories to work with the SV503 telescope.

F9359B-600- (6).jpg

Metal Hoop and Dovetail

The 80 ED SV503 telescope net weight is about 3kg, the metal Hoop and Dovetail is about 1kg. there are 3 1/4 inch screws hole on the hoop. And there are 2 screws hole on the dovetail. One is 1/4 inch, and the other one is 3/8 inch. So that it is convenient for people use different tripod. And the width of the dovetail is about 43mm, so people also could use the mount with dovetail slot.


The Full Sight Seeing

This is the best refractor I have ever used. I love it very much. 

F9359B-600- (23).jpg

You could check  SV503 80 ED Telescope on www.svbony.com, only $399.99 USD, this is really bargain price. All the astronomy amateurs worth to have it.

Pre-order it, your parcel will be send out first in April. 

Waiting for the clear night and will try SV503 with SV305 camera. Will keep update more information about it.





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