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Upgrade SV25 F7 60mm Telescope

Upgrade SV25 F7 60mm Telescope

Upgrade SV25 F7 60mm Telescope

Svbony SV25 kids telescope  is hot selling. Many customers buy SV25 as Christmas Gift or Birthday Gift or New Year Gift for their children. The tripod steady problem is always been asked, and we pay attention to this problem and try to make a tripod with good steady capability and of course low cost. Now here is it!

Svbony Astronomy Telescope.jpgSvbony Brand Astronomy Telescope.jpg

The new tripod has a detachable platform. So it is easy to add the telescope tube to the platform for children. And also it is quite easy to put the platform with telescope tube to the upside tripod head. The tripod could be set up into 3 level heights. The highest is 1035mm, and this is more comfortable for children using. The first level legs diameter is 19mm. this makes the tripod become more steady. Of course the tripod could not stand into the ground and firmly fixed there like trees. But this steady tripod is much helpful. Do you want to have a try?

Svbony Astronomy Telescope.jpg

And the box is upgraded, changed from the original single-color box packaging to a multi-package multi-layer corrugated carton package. The Length x width x height is 475x185x95mm. So that there will be less transportation problems leading to the broken box and broken products. People will receive the better packaged boxes and the telescope and accessories without any scratch. I know you will love it. Come on!

Svbony SV25 Astronomy Telescope.jpg

In the upside picture, that are all included in the package:

1 telescope tube, 1 tripod, 1 finder scope with bracket, 1 diagonal, 1 k9mm eyepiece, 1 k20mm eyepiece and 1 user manual.


SV25 Svbony Astronomy Telescope.jpg

Welcome all to get this great wisdom gift to your children/ students. Encourage them to interest into astronomy. China’s Chang’e-4 has landed on the far side of the moon. Do you and your kids have a look of the moon with a astronomy telescope? Start it with Svbony SV25 telescope! 

If you want more information, please send email to: info@svbony.com. Thanks!

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