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Why Do You Need a Telescope


This is Rita, I hope this blog will help. I am trying my best to explain the uses of a telescope, and hope you could find the telescope that you require for your viewing needs. What a telescope can do and not do?

Telescope   Types

Sky Viewing Astronomical (Moon,   Stars, Planets, Deep Sky Objects)

Land Viewing Terrestrial   (Beaches, Birds, Animals, Events)

Cassegrain   Telescope


Dobsonian   Telescope


Reflector   Telescope


Refractor   Telescope






Spotting   Scope



To buy or not to buy a Telescope? Seems like a basic question, but a very important step in getting the right scope to suit your needs.

Most people purchase their first telescope thinking they could view both land and astronomical objects. However, dream is rich and the fact is slim. Land-based viewing telescopes rarely used for astronomy. an astronomy telescope is basic for viewing the night sky. If you are interested in doing more land viewing, you should consider a spotting scope or a pair of binoculars.


What do I look for in a Telescope?


The size of the aperture will determine how much light is captured. More light, also means greater clarity in the images you see. Because astronomy is carried out in poor light conditions, having a large aperture means the maximum amount of light is captured for a bright and sharp image. A telescope's aperture is its most important feature. The aperture is measured by the diameter of your telescope's main optical component.

Many people are thinking that the biggest aperture the clearest image. so the simplest way to choosing the best telescope is choosing the biggest aperture. What they don't realise is that the larger the aperture the larger the telescopes and big telescopes don't always suit everyone.

Ask yourself a question, “Where do I want my telescope to be placed and used?" If using in the backyard, or nearby, then having a large telescope will be great. If you need to carry the telescope to countryside, you will definitely need a smaller aperture but still powerful telescope.

A large scope is troublesome while travelling, while a smaller scope in a convenient location. So think about how large you want your telescope to be.


Magnification is an important thing when choosing your telescope. The magnification of your telescope is determined by the eyepiece you use.


Changing magnification means need you change one eyepiece that has a higher magnification power. Magnification is not the most important consideration when choosing a Telescope. Any telescope can have an infinite range of magnification. It may be possible to get 800x power but at that magnification you could see nothing from a small aperture telescope that doesn't produce a clear image in the first place. May only air particles between your telescope and the object you're looking at.


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