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1. Corrected views help you center the objects precisely and quickly;

2. FMC coating glass;

3. Adjustable LED illuminator, large field of view-7.3°.

US$ 62.99 US$ 79.99 (21% off)

SV198 Mini 50mm Guiding Scope Deluxe Finder Scope w/ Dual Helical Focuser.

The review blog: https://www.svbony.com/blog?s=SV198

2021 new product!

US$ 139.49 US$ 149.99 (7% off)

Svbony SV106 50mm finder achromatic refractor with helical focuser. SV106 has FMC (fully- multi-coated) green coating, which can enhance the light transmittance and accurately track the celestial body being photographed.

US$ 73.47 US$ 79.00 (7% off)
  1. 90-viewing angle and single crosshair reticle
  2. 30mm objective lens with achromatic 2-element
  3. 7.5° field of view  and correct-image orientation
  4. Spring-loaded X-Y adjustment system
  5. A 6x magnification eyepiece
  6. Fully coated with FMC

    2021new products!

US$ 46.49 US$ 49.99 (7% off)

Versatile 60mm aperture Guide Scope with a built-in helical focuser for precise focusing of potential guide stars. Svbony SV106 Guide Scope can ensure that the main mirror accurately tracks the celestial body to be observed. This SV106 is used as a deluxe straight-through finder scope with optional 1.25" eyepieces installed (eyepieces sold separately)

US$ 82.77 US$ 89.00 (7% off)

Compact versatile 60mm aperture guide scope with a built-in helical focuser for precise of potential guide stars.

US$ 43.70 US$ 46.99 (7% off)

SV182 with 6x power magnification and a 30mm diameter lens collects ample light to make aiming your telescope easy and fun.

2021 new !

US$ 39.98 US$ 42.99 (7% off)

SVBONY SV184 Red Dot Finder Scope for Astronomy Telescope, SV184 Sight Scope for targeting and hunting.

US$ 13.94 US$ 14.99 (7% off)

When total solar or partial eclipse happening, it can greatly shorten the searching time using this solar finder scope, you can observe the real-time location of it when the sun moving.

US$ 30.68 US$ 32.99 (7% off)
US$ 27.89 US$ 29.99 (7% off)

SV179 red dot reflex viewfinder simple, affordable, and effective red dot sighting device makes aiming your telescope.

US$ 12.08 US$ 12.99 (7% off)

The inner diameter of SV116 Guiding Scope Ring Kit is 70 mm, suitable for guide scope with a diameter of 43 to 70 mm.

US$ 27.81 US$ 29.90 (6% off)