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This spotting scope comes with more powerful 28x-84x magnifications, better optical performance and more accurate focusing system. The Mak design folds the spotting scope's light path, resulting in a scope that is much smaller than others of a similar focal length. Take it with you anywhere.

US$ 194.99

SV605CC is a 1-inch color deep space camera with 3.76um pixel size, better resolution and 80%+quantum efficiency. It can get good imaging in light polluted environment with double narrowband filters.

Cooling System-Thanks to the two-stage TEC cooling,the SV605CC can lower the CMOS sensor temperature to 30 degrees Celsius below amboent temperature,which can greatly reduce dark current generation anf sensor noise even during longer exposure times.

Support system-SV605CC camera works with Windows,Linux,Mac OS,Chrome OS and Raspberry Pi systems by running AstroDMx Capture. For Windows system,Also support Sharpcap,N.I.N.A,TheSkyX and other softwares run throuth ASCOM platform by suing ASCOM driver.

The Bayer pattern of the SV605CC is GRBG

Notice: The SV605CC has completed the product change to optimize the horizontal stripe, and the S/N serial number of the new product has been changed to S/N(B).

US$ 639.20 US$ 799.00 -20%