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SC432M Mono Solar Camera IMX432 - Global Shutter Large Pixel Astronomy Camera for Moon Sun Planets

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The SC432M monochrome planetary camera with global shutter has large pixel which makes you see the clear image. The global shutter can capturing the ever-changing moments of the sun, 9um pixel size makes it able to work at longer focal ratio and with high sensitivity.

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SC432M Monochrome Solar Imaging Camera

SC432M monochrome planetary camera is designed with global shutter technology; with pixels reaching 9um; which makes its full well reach 100Ke; these features make the SC432M camera unique.

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Global Shutter

As we know, slight atmospheric jitter and equipment shaking bring great difficulties to imaging. The global shutter can achieve fast imaging; greatly improving shooting efficiency by capturing the ever-changing moments of the sun.

Being a global shutter camera, SC432M telescope camera also features a 120 high frame rate per second; it’s not only good for solar and lunar imaging; also suitable for you to photograph ISS and other fast-moving objects.


Large Pixels

This camera pixel is 9μm x 9μm, which means it can works at longer focal ratio. With its high sensitivity, images with finer colors and subtler details are possible; you can have full trust in its solar imaging performance. Large shooting area can cover 80% or even the entire sun; this 9μm large pixels provide clear imaging details; greatly reducing the number of post-processed images.


1.1-inch Large Frame

SC432M astrophotography camera has a 1.1" large format; a larger field of view; and a larger area than currently recognized planetary cameras; if it is used to take pictures of the sun and moon; it is naturally a better choice; it can meet the different observation needs of yours. When under conditions with flares and other activities, a camera with a small target area can only capture part of the sun; while a large format camera can capture a complete image of the sun.


Silver Color

Silver appearance can reflect part of the sunlight and reduce the heat absorption of the camera when shooting the sun. The body absorbs less heat and ensures no noise when producing images.

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HCG Mode

HCG mode will automatic open when Gain is 140, readout noise will drop to2.4e. And dynamic range will rise to 12 stops. Sensors with HCG enable the camera to image in darker environments without worrying about noise that affects image quality. Turn on HCG mode when the gain value is 140; the readout noise can be greatly reduced and high dynamic range is retained; avoid celestial tailing and increase celestial details. 

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DDR3 256M Buffer

With the DDR3 cache, the camera does not have high demands on computing needs any longer, it will have excellent performance. USB 3.0 & 256MB DDR3 Memory; the planetary camera is no longer as computationally demanding and still offers excellent performance even when connected to a USB 2.0 port. 


Bulit-in Cooling Fan

Connected to an external 5V1A power supply; type-C power supply; which can lower the camera temperature by 5-10 degrees to ensure better imaging effects. The heat dissipation is about 20 degrees under high temperature; extending the service life; long exposure reduces noise and ensures the quality of the picture. The camera uses cooling fan to avoid it overheating, the camera working temperature will be cool down lower 5-10 degree.


Cooling Device

Both the heat sink and thermally conductive silicone added to the back of the chip to ensure the heat dissipation effect, since they have good thermal conductivity and can effectively conduct the heat to the surrounding environment.   

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Full Well Depth

The full well depth is the maximum amount of detection signal that each pixel can accommodate. SC432M has a full well depth of 100ke; the larger full well depth provides the camera with stronger sensitivity; when we want to photograph the Sun surface and prominences, a very good quality image can be obtained.

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Temperature Sensor

Add a temperature sensor and the software will display the real-time temperature of the camera.

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Interface Details

The astrocamera has M42 thread interface; USB-C power supply interface; M28.5 filter thread interface; ST4 guide star interface four interfaces.

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Compatible Products- MK105 for Planetary Shooting

SC432M can be used with MK105 to shoot planets, or you can add planetary filters

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Compatible Products- SV550 for Deep Space Shooting

You can use SV550 80mm APO and a SV223 diagonal for deep space shooting.


Compatible Products- SV550+SV229 for Sun Photography

Also, you can use SV229 solar filter for sun photography. 

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Application Scenarios

The camera has better performance in planetary photography and lunar surface photography.

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Name Solar Camera
Model  SC432M
Sensor SONY IMX432 Mono CMOS
Shutter Type Global Shutter
Frame Rate 120FPS
Pixel Size 9μm 9μm
Resolution 1608×1104
Minimum Back Focal Length 7.5mm/12.5mm
Target Surface Size 14.5mm×9.9mm
Diagonal Length 17.5mm
Cache DDR3, 256M
Protective Glass AR Anti-reflection coating
QE 0.79
Full Well 97Ke
Readout Noise 2.4e-20.8e
ADC 12bit
Temperature Display Add temperature sensor, software interface displays real-time temperature of the chip
Exposure 20μs-2000s
Gain Absolute value
USB Speed 0,1,2
Background Level 0-255
ROI Support
HCG Gain 140, automatically activate HCG noise reduction mode, readout noise reduced to 2.4e, achieving 12 stops of dynamic range
Color Space MONO8, MONO16
Image Flip None/Horizontal/Vertical/Both
Contrast 0-100
Gamma 0-10
Sharpening 0-100
Histogram Display Support
Local Driver Supports imaging software such as Sharpcap, Firecapture, AstroDMX Capture
ASCOM Driver Support
Compatible Systems Windows OS 7-11/Linux Ubuntu/Mac OS X86, ARM, M1, M2/Raspberry Pi 3, Pi4
Camera Body Interface 1 M42 thread interface (M420.75)
Camera Body Interface 2 USB-C power data port
Camera Body Interface 3 ST4 guide star interface
External Interfaces M42 thread to 1.25-inch extension tube
M28.5 filter thread interface


Packaging SVBONY universal white box, model SC432M (based on packaging design dimensions)
Adapter Ring 1 M42 thread to 1.25-inch extension tube
Adapter Ring 2 M42 thread to C-lens thread
Cable 1 USB-C charging cable
Cable 2 Type B USB 3.0 data cable
Cable 3 Guide star data cable
Manual User manual in seven languages
Cleaning Tool 1 1.25-inch dust cover and M42 thread dust cover for camera body
Cleaning Tool 2 Lens cleaning cloth
Adjustment Wrench 2 pieces (one large, one small, suitable for adjusting target surface adjustment ring screws)


1. Global Shutter: Capturing the ever-changing moments of the sun
2. 9um Pixel: Can work at longer focal ratio and it has high sensitivity
3. 1.1-inch Frame: Can capture a complete image of the sun
4. Bulit-in Cooling Fan: To avoid overheating, the working temperature will be cool down lower 5-10 degree
5. Silver Color: Absorb less heat and ensures no noise when producing images
6. Temperature Sensor: Display the real-time temperature
7. HCG Mode: Automatic open when Gain is 140, readout noise will drop to2.4e. And dynamic range will rise to 12 stops
8. DDR3 256M Buffer: Transfer data stablely and securely
9. Full Well Depth: 100ke with stronger sensitivity
10. Reticle adjustment ring: 4 sets of screws to adjust the sensor calibration; each set consists of two screws; one push and one pull; it has a built-in high-density sponge light-blocking pad; which can block the side seam light and prevent side leakage

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