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SVBONY SV550 APO Triplet Refractor OTA 80 F6 Astronomy Telescope Set for Deep Space Astrophotography

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US$ 819.00

SV550 80mm f/6 fully multicoated triplet apochromatic optics using an ED center element;

A dual-speed 2.5" rack-and-pinion focuser with 10:1 ratio fine focusing,realizes reliable zero offset image focusing;

Retractable lens shade/dew shield;

Dual hinged split tube rings with a 180mm Vixen-style dovetail

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SVBONY SV550 APO Triplet Refractor OTA 80mm F6 Telescope Set


                                This SV550 80mm F6 APO triplet telescope set is suitable for deep sky astrophotography and visual observation.


SV550 80F6 APO Triplet Refractor OTA

SVBONY SV550 80F6 APO Triplet Refractor OTA


  Superior Performance

SVBONY SV550 80F6 APO Triplet Refractor OTA


                                                                                     Apochromatic 3-element Objective

SVBONY SV550 Apochromatic 3-element Objective


                                                 SV550 80 APO OTA With SV209 Field Flattener

SVBONY SV550 OTA & SV209 Field Flattener


           480mm Focal Length & 80mm Aperature

Focal Length of SVBONY SV550 OTA

                                                                                2.5" 1:10 Dual-speed Focuser

SV550 OTA 2.5'' 1:10 Dual-speed Focuser

        Elimination Of Stray Light

Elimination of Stray Light in sv503

                                                                SV550 80mm APO With 2 inch & M63x1

                       If you want to connect with a 1.25" diagonal or 1.25" eyepiece, you need to add a adapter such as 2" to 1.25" fully metal telescope

                    eyepiece adapter.


Sv550 Eyepiece Port Size

                                                                                   Vixen-style Dovetail

SV550 With Vixen-style DovetailThe back intercept of SVBONY SV550 80mm Telescope

                                                                                                Fully Multi-coated Optics

                     Increase the light transmission, deliver bright, clear and crisp images.

SVBONY SV550 80F6 APO Triplet Refractor OTA

      Back Focus Stroke & CNC Machined & Lock Screw

                    Sufficient for astrophotography needs. CNC machined design is of high quality for harsh environments and longer lifespan.

SVBONY SV550 80F6 APO Triplet Refractor OTA

The Diameter of SV550 OTA

Dimensions of Sv550 Telescope

The Name of Each Part

Relevant accessories on sv550 TelescopeCollocation example of sv550 Telescope

                        sv550 80 set.jpg

                             Specifications of SV550 Telescope


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Bargain triplet, don't forget the flattener for it.

This is a bargain 80mm triplet meant for astrophotography. Produces excellent images with the right camera. If you want to make it faster and wider field of view for your camera, get the reducer that is made for the 80mm doublet, it works 100%, just like the dedicated flattener for the triplet. Highly recommended.

80mm Sv550 Triplet APO

I enjoy viewing, no astro-photography as of yet.. but I've seen very nice pics from this 80mm triplet online & read good reviews. I ordered the package mid-Feb w the OTA/tube-rings, soft case, 6x30mm finder/bracket & the 1.25" mirror diagonal w red anodized sides. The dew shield fits snug & moves free w no slop. Focuser is 10:1 ratio heavy duty, well built & smooth. The finder shoe/dovetail bracket may moved from one side to another 10 or 2 clock position.. also has sub-positions to fix it on either side w machined grooves on the housing. The paint, fit & finish are all superb, no flaws. The optics I tested on 1 good night- Jupiter, the Orion nebula & lastly the moon. I could detect no false color on any object at any time except a slight blue haze before it cooled down outside.. 44deg. Very sharp optics, I used multiple power EP's & a barlow in later. Diffraction rings looked sharp inside of focus, a bit fuzzy outside.. read this could be slight spherical aberration. The details on Jupiter were impressive.. the moons, belts & red-spot neat to see. Overall I'd recommend this little triplet to anyone looking for portability & quality. I mounted it on an AstroTech Voyager alt/az mount I bought years ago.. enjoyable to use in tandem. I'm testing a few other Svbony products soon- relatively newer business since 2018, 7th anniversary - I've been around the hobby for about 30yrs. JB

A Great Scope

After owning a SV503 (102mm) for several years, I decided to go for a triplet and little bigger for imaging. I have a tight budget and after some searching I opted for the SV550 (122mm). The SV503 had served me well for several years so it came as no surprise to find the SV550 also to be of very solid build and very smooth operation. The first images it produced with an ASI071MC Pro gave nice sharp stars with no evidence of distortion close to the edges. It has only been a few days since its arrival but already I am very impressed and have no regrets about the purchase. An added bonus is the fact that it arrived at my home nearly a week ahead of the predicted date. I look forwards to many years of astrophotography with it.

Great little telescope

I'm not 100% sure why I bought this telescope. I was going to buy the SV503 80mm F7, but when I came to this website, I saw the SV550 and something told me to get it instead. It's F6, which is pretty fast for such an inexpensive telescope. It arrived a few days after ordering- again, surprising since it came from China. The box was heavy- much heavier than expected. I've owned "cheap" 80mm ED refractors in the past. Let me first say, this telescope might be inexpensive, but it certainly isn't cheap. It is very solid, very rigid, very well made. I got the optional rotator and field flattener as I am using it for imaging. Stars have been spectacular edge to edge. My stars are coming in at 1.2 FWMH during electronic focus! Pretty amazing. I would highly recommend this telescope to anyone, beginner or experienced user. I don't even own an EP, so how it does visually, I don't know. But as an astrograph, it works amazingly well. I look forward to many years with this scope.


Model SV550 Model SV209
Aperture 80mm Additional Thread M63x1 female thread for photo adaptions
Focal Length 480mm Connection at Telescope Side M63x1 male thread
Focal Ratio f/6 Connection 1 at Camera Side M63x1 thread female - working distance 103 mm
ED Glass​ FPL51​ Connection 2 at Camera Side M48x0.75 male thread - working distance 55 mm or 91.5 mm
Telescope Type Refractor Fully Illuminated Field 45 mm(Support Full Frame Sensors)
Resolution 1.45 arc seconds Number of Elements 2 lenses
Coatings  SMC Factor 1.0 - no change of focal length to the focal plane
Limiting stellar magnitude 11.6 Coating FMC
Lens design  Apochromatic​ Diameter of the Housing 67mm
dovetail plate length 150-175mm Length 87.5 mm without the male thread
barrel weight 2900g
mirror Brief Size  377.8mm
Net weight​ 3750g
Gross weight​ 3850g
Package size​ 440x220x210mm​

Model  SV210 Model SV212
Product Name M63 CAA 360° Rotator Camera angle adjuster Main Material Oxford Cloth 1680D +PVC
Extension thickness 20.7mm Velcro Padded 4PCS
Fit for SV550 80F6 Padded Straps 1PCS
Locking Screw M4 PVC Protect Dividers 1PCS
Positioning lock Function Yes Inner Dimension 520x265x215mm
Male Thread  M63x1 Color Black
Female Thread M63x1 Net ​Weight​ 1250g
Length of Male Thread 8mm Fit for SVBONY SV503 (70F6 80F7) SV550 80F6
Length of Female Thread 9mm
Material 6061T
Color Black
Net Weight 91.2g/3.22oz
  • Features

  • 1. Functional parameters overall part specification 5 political serial number specification parameters objective lens aperture 80mu;

2. Lens face type 1 / 8 wavelength;

3. The three piece APO compound achromatic objective lens structure is adopted to significantly improve the image quality of the captured image (increased by 15.8% according to the calculation of the spectrometer);

4. The 2.5-inch magnesium alloy double speed toothed focusing seat is adopted to reduce the vignetting of connecting the full frame camera and reduce the load weight of the support platform;

5. Multi process extreme extinction: multi-channel light bar extinction inside the focusing seat + inner wall of the lens barrel;

6. Special flat field mirror synchronous listing (optional accessories sold separately);

7. Obviously reduce the edge dispersion of the captured image and improve the image quality;

8. Improve the efficiency and compatibility, and reduce the vignetting phenomenon of connecting the full frame camera;

Tips: (2 "to 1.25" adapter ring-W2811C can be selected if 1.25 "eyepiece is connected.)

The Packaging of SV550 80 OTA Includes

1. 2-inch focal length connector for connection

2. compatible accessories

3. selector fixed platform

4. fastening ring

5. Vixen fixing plate

6. two speed focus

7. lens cover

  The Image Captured With SV550 80 Telescope    6379228536957145277438519.jpg

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