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SV503 Telescope Set for Prime Focus Photography - Connected to M42 Camera Ring

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this sv503 set connected for prime focus astrophotography,give you more playing methods,let's try it now,any questions,contact us freely!

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sv503 prime focus photography, also known as direct focus photography, is a method of directly using the telescope to take pictures without adding any optical objects between the telescope and the camera.

The main objects of prime focus photography are nebulae, clusters and galaxies.This can be achieved by matching the sv503 set with the M42 camera ring.

                                    SV503 Prime Focus Photography - Connected to M42 Camera Ring

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Model  SV503-F9359A​ SV503-F9359B SV503-F9359D
Type Refractor Refractor​ Refractor​​
ED Glass S-FPL51 S-FPL51​ S-FPL51​​
Coating SMC Ultra-wideband coating(SMC) SMC
Aperture 70mm / 2.75-Inch 80mm 102mm / 4.01-Inch
Focal length 420mm 560 mm 714mm
Focal Ratio f/6 F7 f/7
Type of Focuser RAP (Rack and Pinion) 2 inch Dual speed focuser RAP (Rack and Pinion)
Gear Reduction 1:10 Fine movement 1:10 1:10 Fine movement
Model​ W2370A​
Length Along the 34mm
Width of internal slot 4.2mm
Horizontal length of internal slot 36.5mm
Vertical length of internal slot 36.5mm
Can be fixed M3-M4 screw
Weight 41g
L*W*H 45*40*25mm
Model  SV165
Aperture  30mm
Focal length 120mm
Focal Ratio F4
Tube travel 45mm
Back Focus Length 26mm
Mount UNC 1/4-20
Model  SV194-W1077A​ SV195​-W2054A​
Size  M42*0.75 M42*0.75
Male thread Nikon F-mount Male Canon EF-Mount
Material Metal Aluminum  Metal Aluminum 
Net weight 31g / 1.05oz 44.7g
Model  SV196​-W9153A​ SV196​-W9153B​
Size  M42*0.75 ​ M42*0.75 ​
Male thread Female---SONY A-mount Male Female---Sony E-mount Male
Material Metal Aluminum Metal Aluminum
Net weight 35.7g / 1.26oz 68.3g / 2.4oz
Thickness 10mm 36.5mm

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