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1.25" 68°Ultra Wide Eyepieces

1.25" 68°Ultra Wide Eyepieces

1.25" 68°Ultra Wide Eyepieces

We have made a online survey, astronomy amateurs will buy more eyepieces for their telescopes. as beginners, they may don't know how to choose eyepiece for their telescope. please check blogAstronomy Eyepieces ] to find your suitable eyepieces. 

So Svbony will write some articles for beginners. Explaining more details about the eyepieces, hope this will help more people. Firstly, the 1.25” 68°Ultra Wide Eyepieces.

The Svbony 1.25” 68°Ultra Wide Eyepieces have 4 different models, 6mm, 9mm, 15mm, 20mm. They also have another name. 6mm is F9152A, 9mm is F9152B, 15mm is F9152C, and the 20mm is F9152D. People could buy them separately. It means you could buy one of them online in each Svbony official store. The numbers on the Svbony eyepiece body mean the focal length of the eyepiece. For example, F9152A ‘s focal length is 6mm, if you have a telescope, the objective lens focal length is 420mm, so this telescope work with F9152A would show you the magnification power is 70X. By 420/6=70. You could see the 70x magnification of the objects you are viewing.

In the same way, 9mm eyepiece work with the 420mm focal length telescope, will show you about 47x magnification. 15mm eyepiece will bring 28x magnification. And the 20mm will bring 21x magnification. 

So there is also another way to name the svbony eyepieces. 6mm eyepiece is named high power eyepiece. And the 20mm eyepiece is called low power eyepiece. Only in the four eyepieces of the 68 degree eyepieces set we divide them like this way. because there are also many other focal length eyepieces, like 25mm, 34mm, 40mm and so on. 

Of course, There is a regular dividing line of the high or low power eyepieces. The eyepiece focal length is over 40mm, we call them low-power magnification eyepieces. The focal length is between 12mm and 25mm, called mid-power magnification. And the focal length between 4mm and 12mm, called the high-power magnification eyepiece. No matter what rule to devide the eyepieces into different groups. what eyepiece you need is only suitable for your own telescope. To know your telescope focal length and the aperture. Don't choose the eyepiece that delivers too much magnification. there ia a rule. 

aperture 80mm X 2 =160 magnification power. 

Don't make the magnification over the two times than the aperture. 


And what are these eyepieces used for ? The low-power eyepieces are suitable for observing shimmering and dim objects such as nebulae, star clusters, and comets. The mid-power Svbony eyepieces are suitable for observing the moon, planets, double stars and bright nebulae. And the high-power eyepieces are suitable for observing the detailed moon surface, planetary surface, double star, and so on.


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Are this eyepieces for terestial viewing?

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you could use it with telescope for terestial viewing.

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