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A Brief Introduction Of Rifle Scope


The origin of the rifle scope, or optical sight, is hard to pin down.

It is said that in Europe at least in the 16th century, people have tried to fix glasses on the butt of guns. There are written records that before the 19th century, firearms had telescopic aiming devices, can be used in low light conditions aiming. By the 1840s, there was some American gun technology Workers began making guns with optical sights. Morgan James of New York in 1848, a tubular aiming device of the same length as the barrel was designed and the rear part of the device was installed Glass lens and 2 crosshairs for aiming. Later, similar aiming devices in the United States Used in civil war. But the real practical rifle scope was born in 1904 It was developed by Carl Zeiss in Germany and used in world war I. In the second During the world war, the sight began to mature.

Now there are many kinds of rifle scopes, the most common are three, telescopic sight, Collimating optical sight, reflex sight. Among them, telescopic sight and reflex sight are the most popular rifle scope. Our company has developed a new Svbony telescopic sight SV120.  Those who are interested can have a look.

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