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Lets go boar hunting in Texas

Lets go boar hunting in Texas

Lets go boar hunting in Texas

China is a pig year this year. In China, pigs are usually raised by humans. When grown up,they are slaughtered as food for people eating. In the United States, the number of wild boars is relatively large, and many people like to hunt wild boars. There are also wild boars in China, but you can't go hunting freely. Therefore, when the Chinese want to hunt, many people go to the United States for hunting.

If you want to hunt wild boars, which state is better in the United States? I searched online and found that hunting wild boars in Texas is great! Pigs are Texas invasive species that can be hunt all year round! Wild boars are known as the plagues of Texas, causing more than $1.5 billion in annual damage and breeding like cockroaches! Wild boars are both smart and hard to kill. Texas is fighting with these wild boars, if left unchecked, they can destroy the United States! Hunting enthusiasts can use any method they like to capture wild boars, including bow hunting, rifle hunting and pistol hunting. Wild boars are free to hunt on more than 18,000 acres in the hilly region of Texas!

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By the way, how do we look for wild boar when hunting wild boars? One sign of finding is friction. Wild boars always rub on both sides of the tree to reduce the number of parasites and mark their territory. So if you see a few trees on the ground and a dirty trace for 28 to 40 inches from the ground, you know there is a big boar in this area. Then you can observe, find and hunt wild boars around. After hunting wild boars, you can deal with the prey and turn it into pork chops,sausages, ham and tenderloin. Then you can enjoy the venison!

If you're interested in hunting, pack your hunting gear and go to Texas to hunt wild boars!

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